Birmingham City University Campus

Throughout its history, the university has been spread across a number of different sites in Birmingham. From 2013, the university is in the following schools:

• City North Campus is located in Perry Barr, Birmingham. This campus has the Birmingham Business School City, Faculty of Education, Law and Social Sciences, and a part of the Faculty of Performance, Media and English;

• City Centre Campus, located at Millennium Point, is home to Birmingham School of Acting and the Faculty of Technology, Engineering and Environment (formerly the Technology Innovation Centre). A new art, design and media building is being built next to the existing facility and will open in 2013;

• Gosta Green, the main house of the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) until September 2013;

• Vittoria Street in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, home of the School of Jewellery (BIAD);

• Margaret Street, home of the School of Fine Arts (BIAD), formerly headquarters of the Birmingham School of Art;

• Birmingham Conservatoire, located in the center of Birmingham;

• City South Campus, on Westbourne Road in Edgbaston, home to both-together with the Defence College of Health Care, part of the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM), based in Selly Oak Hospital and moderate student accommodation;

• Bournville Campus, home of Birmingham City University International College.

• The university is planning a "flagship" extension of its campus in Birmingham City Centre, next to the existing facilities at Millennium Point. The downtown campus will be a £ 150 million development as part of Birmingham Eastside development, with art, design and media students move into Phase 1 of the development in 2013, with business studies, education, law and social after phase 2 of the new building is completed. Existing facilities at the Gosta Green, Bournville and schools City North Campus will move to the city center as the university seeks to reduce the number of occupied campus.

• Facilities

• The New Technology Institute (NTI) is a business and IT training center in central Birmingham, in partnership with Aston University and the University of Birmingham. Screen Media Lab, part of the Birmingham School of Media, is a specially designed for enterprise and innovation in the media of the display and visual design. International Project Space (IPS) is an art gallery located in the Visual Arts Centre Bournville.

• Moor Lane is a sports training business, conference and near the town of North Campus. Previously, a dedicated sports center is located behind The Coppice, a block of student accommodation next to the North Campus of the city, and includes tennis courts, bowling, soccer and rugby fields, running track and a social club . The university announced a £ 7 million sports complex will be built on the site, before the Ansells Sports Club, with construction to begin in mid-2008 for completion in 2009. Downtown, City North Sports Centre, opened on January 4, 2010 and includes a gym, fitness classes, and a sports hall.

• Wragge & Co Lawyers have advised Birmingham City University in outsourcing work to the sports center of the international service company Serco. Under a new 10-year agreement, the FTSE 100 companies will run both the sports center and the Pavilion of existing sports facilities at Perry Barr.

• Accommodation

• The Coppice and Oscott Gardens residential halls of residence are located adjacent to the City North Campus. Hamstead Campus is a purely residential campus located near the northern city, in Handsworth Wood, including a Grade II Hall built in 1881.

• There are homes in the City South Campus, used primarily by nursing students, while the university also has access to a number of rooms in private rooms in the city center.