Birmingham Conservatoire

Birmingham Conservatoire is an international conservatoire and a major concert venue, its main platform is the Adrian Boult Hall. Before 1989, it was known as the School of Music theBirmingham and was one of the faculties of Birmingham City University, the only one of the nine conservatoires in the UK it was a university faculty. However, in 2008, as part of the reorganization of the powers became a part of the Faculty of Performance, Media and English (PME).


Located in the Paradise Plaza, in downtown Birmingham between andChamberlain Square Centenary Square, the Conservatory was founded in 1886 as the Birmingham School of Music, which was a department, and is in the original site, the Birmingham and the Institute Midland, from about 1859. The title 'Birmingham Conservatoire "was adopted in 1989, with his diploma degree and award (GBSM and ABSM) renamed" Graduate / Associate of the Birmingham School of Music "to" Degree / Associate in the School of Music Birmingham, reflect the internal structure adopted for Creative Studies School of Orchestral Studies, Research Keyboard and Voice Studies. In 1995, the equivalent degree diploma GBSM was redesigned and revalidated to become a full title of Music (PMU) degree.

The future

The surrounding area, known as Paradise Circus is currently in a general development plan involving the flattening of the entire site. The development will include proposals for a new Adrian Boult Hall.

The Conservatory

Facilities include the 518 seat Adrian Boult Hall, Recital Hall, six studios and a specialized music library with about 95,000 scores and individual parts and 10,000 sound recordings. Most teachers are active professional musicians and nearly 200 teachers visiting specialists, there are approximately one staff member for every two students.

About 600 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the Conservatory. Education exists in a wide range of options including solo performance, composition, chamber music, orchestral playing, music technology and jazz. Students in the four-year PMU (Hons) are encouraged to spend time studying in Europe or the U.S..

An active Junior Department also takes place on Saturdays.