A variety of styles and large format 3-D art printing technology ...

I have 3-D images and 3-D effects need to see research on the kind of glasses did a lot. Blue / red glasses 3-D effect requires dual blue / red as shown in the image. Which most of the time you can see the image, that is the only way.

And again, like any other technology, such as the two images, but the yellow / blue two images. Yellow / blue lensed glasses. And the only way that you can see the image again, is to use the glasses.

Heard which hollusion 3-D effect. Does not require any glasses. Eyes do not mean anything by it, image is .3-D scenes that you can see the image passed solve staying in the next image while the image to see a double image of the past, focus on the image viewer designed for focus. Piroyi be Wed. And you see the image. Still does not make sense, there is a possibility. But it still seems to be a popular market.

That is why I have 3-D ChromaDepth favorite. 3-D, depending on the color. Therefore, the image is twice Just one. So here I really like the look .3-D glasses bring a clear 3-D effect lensed. And most often, when you become a magnet for the depth of the image saturation, and also under the black light really awesome looks. Lensed 3-D glasses, and often ChromaDepth clearly there are other 3-D effects.

Do not you feel as though you're wearing sun glasses.

However, all the best for the 3-D effects may have been around for a long time. So do you will need a special viewer card with the same image on both sides. Two slightly different, taken from different angles.