New stained glass window in St. Paul

Sunrise Stained Glass (Note), Southsea, Hampshire UK to St Paul's Church of new stained glass windows
Paulsgrove St. Paul's Church in the newly-installed Windows for the dedication Mass the UK in June 2012, the vicar father, father-in-law to celebrate the life of St. Paul wrote the following words:

"No doubt Paul the most important figures in the history of the Western is one of Paul's life is amazing, and was without doubt changed the course of Christianity. Theologian, and as the letter writer, he as an apostle. hard gospel Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles, that all the people to fight for his beliefs Marie opened the door, some barriers here and expand the church put in the way of the Gentiles, not does Paul the theologian, the first interesting through many of the questions and I had the life and death of Jesus, and buhwalga Paul's letter writer in the history of the best, as well as the profoundest piece of some of the most trenchant of the early Christian theological reflection, as well as some semi. "

Window, the scene of his early life (to a group of Christians that they throw stones while holding the cloak of friends) started life as the most influential events in the life of St. Paul, offers. Falling from his horse on the way to the conversion of Paul (Damascus) in the lower portion of the left panel of the calculation.
Their sermons, including the meeting of the Roman Forum Roman Forum, the center panel surrounded by Roman soldiers viewers. Some to hear, and some other people heard him speak, and they walked towards the place, turning away. The right panel shows him imprisoned, and shipwrecked in Malta Portsdown Hill Paul Grove, Hampshire now see what is known about the story visit.

Stops at Portchester local legend on his journey from the British coast, on the other hand, will break in between a grove of trees near the great Roman fortress. He imprisoned several times throughout his life, imprisonment and persecution, but the belief that St. Paul, the older people, will be displayed. Himself as the prisoner of the Lord, 'He is often mentioned. Extract from a letter to the prison bars below Ephesus.

Land (above) and the sea (below) and Christian safe house and shelter to show three scenes by reference to their own travel show 'safety cover' is connected. Travel to visit the most important places in his life at Antioch begins and ends.