Fashion Design Drawing Lesson 1 - Dress form

Good form is the foundation of all success lessons. "Stocky" If that is inserted in the picture, regardless of how pretty, dress or design Whether it's more style you can not.

In this lesson, the First Learn how to draw the layout of the form. In the next lecture, we dressed in the same form in a very simple dress.

The form must have a good proportion and style. Representation of one, as stylish, do not bow, bow, or a form that makes both too big breasts and a small waist and a square eokkaegwa even higher one.

Dressmaker's sketches, all of the dress-ray appearance of this form is placed must

Dress, if the appearance of the human work to play waseoyi classroom full of student understanding to draw the human form in a variety of positions.

Draw the form

When placed to draw the picture in the center of the dress form paper. It receives a percentage figure to start just to see where the measurement can be done by A little more at the bottom than the top, leave a margin.

Very slight horizontal curve line as shown in the plate up to the next lesson, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Line 3, Line 1, and Line 2 to the chest, and throw out the throwing shoulder back at the waist. Bend of the waist line 4, and 5 are cross-line skirt, 2, 3, and then at the bottom of the oval bent at the waist. Line 6, Line 2 (the center of the waist line), not literally, but taking the general direction of the reaches to the waist line getting straight follow. The center line of the skirt (Line 7) directly below Line 6, will be executed.

Collar at the shoulder (3), and will move at the same height. Curve down collar, such as lines and curves of the waist line, but the bottom of the sleeve. Behind the lesson II are described in this order is reversed. Collar and waist fines curve up and down at the bottom of the retail curve.

The front and both sides of the waist plane. Away from the nearly three-quarter view, but you uieul observed. In addition, the color of the fact. Waist, these three planes to run each other to form graceful curves. The color of airplane to perform the same task.

To test the accuracy of the form, from the waist to the end of the line near the center of the shoulder Position the dotted line. This line is perpendicular or parallel to the edge of the paper have to do. Drop waist to the other end of the line at the end of the dotted line to the top of the shoulder. This line must be perpendicular.

This figure several times, and practice. All understand that you can draw a picture and the preceding conviction. Occupies snap a picture. Dress form is placed in the figure B. A.

You must follow all directions carefully If you have any costume can be placed in good form.