Caring for your oil painting

Enough to eventually display boasts a painting or oil painting when he fell in love, bought the oil painting. You to store up to paint or put it wait before hanging storage, cleaning, and oil paintings on the go for help.

You a picture of a wide range of temperature and humidity changes, so keep in mind that you will not wait for all of the pictures before, near the fire in direct sunlight, near heating and air conditioning vents or radiators hanging pictures, do not. Nicotine and soot can be deposited on the surface of the picture display pictures from the smoking areas, such as candles or the stove on or near the den or game room.

The attention of a lot of light over time to drop it enough heat to damage the work lights when you choose to display the picture. In addition, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, used in paints, dyes and colorants, ultraviolet light discoloration is to display pictures used do not.

Storage or display your oil painting is sure to put the following ranges of temperature and humidity, and it is important that efforts between 65-70 F and 40 ~ 55% relative humidity in winter and 70-75 F 45 in the summer - 55% relative humidity.

Constant and cool temperature drying save a picture in a dark place. Oil painting, attic, garage or basement stored, do not. You should be removed before stacking to avoid damaging the other picture frames or framed picture, pictures hooks. Stack using acid free boards for vertical protection between each work of art. Brick or stacked in a rack, you should not be stored directly on the surface of all the layers. Cover with a clean, non-plastic dust sheet to prevent dust settling and mold.

Oil painting cleaning performed by trained professionals, but recommends that must be taken once every 4-6 months Figure Oil on canvas work, use a feather duster or liquids of any kind Do not Can be used to investigate the picture of you, but believe me, the loose pieces of paint chips to a new non-typical makeup brush or a new soft brush lightly managed. Can be used to investigate the soft, dry cheonneun frame.

Always on hand if you plan to move your work is very clean and dry, or clean gloves should be worn. Remove jewelry and watches to prevent damage to the picture. While moving your oil painting frame or picture hanging wire at the top of the vertical to hold. You figure when you hear it you think, before moving furniture or any object blocking the path where the picture picked out can be set.

Use the following tips can prevent the big three to keep it looking and accidentally damage your oil painting.