Oil painting on Reef Rocks shimmer in the study of professional artists

I figure that I better understand the nature, and today Montana de Oro went to go cliff. It was a day of natural Colorful sea anywhere in the sky to create vivid colors light up. I especially enjoy pierces the water and the sun turns green glow frothing. Rotation, the residual foam pattern surface decoration. Spewing white sea foam that gently as to provide a little bit of therapy to soothe and soften the edges of his stairs stone washed. Also climbed down the stairs, through the annals of another era, the layer formed on the same ancient rock strata. My intention while the rock is really shining in the sun, how to study for what it was. Pay particular attention to the mechanism of this general phenomenon by my picture that captures the essence of the nature of the effect desired.

I incoming waves splashed wet enough without looking for a place to get on the rocks was fun. Rouge Wave is always looking for the sea, one must be aware of. I was to focus on the color of the surface of the stratum, Burnt Sienna (Siena), Raw Sienna, Burnt very light maroon and gray mixture Tannish would represent a good base surface while observing the pattern and shape can be seen. It may be necessary to emphasize the highlights down a bit to maintain the overall brightness of the picture to me, it was obvious enough. For more information on this technique, read the article and really stand out, "emphasizes how to make ..." I appeared intermittently in the wet surfaces to be Blue greyish deutga In addition, the holes of the rocks in the dry part of the wet part of the natural rock, is much darker than that. Raised edges of the highlights are described. Field research trip, just told me that there is more open than the primary colors mixed with white paint highlights on the right-hand side for the This time, my focus on the subject and dissect the light has taught really see the sparkles create. I am convinced layers of this task can be performed. The first floor, a bright purple blue gray mixed with the base color of the surface will be.

Graduated with a shiny reflective layer in the center, add a little more white and purple. Be careful not to increase the brightness of the colors too much. Now is sure to leave a space for the contrast between the brightest highlights painted one must resist the urge to. Sometimes, I add a few "cross-hair" shiny. I'm telling you how to explode a few of the most intense reflection of light split. White and feel. "Of course, I was surprised to see the purple-blue-gray that people are relatively - very light, but the final point of pure light and the reflected light enough strength to leave enough space for the reticle contrast went The next step is to highlight the center of the most intense surrounding a small dark prism effect created. In general, I have observed the red on the left side of the right blues. About 3/16ths inch wide, must be very small. Finally, I have a few glossy drier pure bright white in the mix. The object is to form a 1 / approximately 16-inch wide paint small spherical beads of Must be between the blue and dark red prism effect.

Okay, time to go to work on the canvas. Your photos and will try our best to notify you of your results. In comments by email, please.

Abandon a career in electronic engineering from the initial recognition of the Ohio, and encouraged to pursue his passion for painting, Paul Leasure. 25-year-old in their own unique artistic achievement Plain Dealer, was the title of the main Cleveland newspaper articles. 1995, Leasure design and listen to our planet in the new exhibit highlights the interest created. Paul, the title of the exhibition? Walk the earth? Present this unique exhibition plants, music, and even live animals in an environment that includes his portrayal of wildlife art. The Plain Dealer, WEWS 5, Fox 8, WKYC 3 News of the experience attracted the attention

Leasure at Lakeland College in Ohio were instructed art classes. Students learned his skills in the field of fantasy realism in rendering technology, the invention of Trompe l belongs? oeil. Sometimes enormous size of his paintings. Sun of late? One of the vineyards of work was on one canvas measuring 17 feet X 10 feet