Oil painting of inventors

Compared to other art form, is still considered relatively new. Yuhwaeun Use of pigment to draw oil painting - oil. Oil painting from the 1400s. Paint, oil painting before the temperature of the paint murals or eggs in seokgogwa was mixed. Because of the invention of oil painting of a new desire for realism in art has occurred. Wall Van Eyck is the man credited with the invention of oil painting.

Desire for a more realistic look to the arts in Europe from the early 15th century began. Earlier, the very myth and art decoration, but with the beginning of the Renaissance, the artist behind the concept and the idea of ​​perspective and color to understand the law began. As a result, many artists realer images picture began.

Have a desire to mimic nature in his paintings halves Ike. Object in order to achieve their goals, he painted every minute detail. Van Eyck's attention to detail, his paintings were able to look alive. Unfortunately, the current painting style and supplies to achieve their goal of total realism, Van Eyck help Van Eyck as a solution to their problems, has created an oil painting.

Before van Eyck Renaissance painters have already created a color I did not buy it. Backing up a pigment found in plants and minerals combined with the binder to form a painter Paste colors from the earth itself. These types of temperature paint paint was called. The problem of temperature paint dry very quickly and, in fact, has made a smooth transition from the impossible figure was. Paint Van Eyck wanted to create realism through the shades, so the temperature does not suit his needs. Eggs in temperature paint that van Eyck used oil is much more accurate and to slowly work instead decided to use. The painter (oil binder with a glossy color glazes also known as) that can be applied to multiple layers can be applied.

Small pointed brush his paintings as Van Eyck was able to create very detailed. Other writers, including the works of Van Eyck to impress a lot of people. Soon, many artists use oil paint mixture, and became a very popular form of art in oil painting. Van Eyck's oil colors since the change, but the principle remains the same. Well as a painter, to create a more lifelike portrait oil paintings, more shades can create a set. The contribution of the van Eyck've changed art forever.