Simple pencil drawing tips

Sharpen drawing pencils

Is used to sharpen pencils for painting, pencil shearing than craft knife (carefully!) daesinreul Other ad width and providing more options for creating textures you can get way more effective in more than a pencil point to you the chisel edge can shave. Ordinary graphite pencils, pencil crayons, watercolor pencils and pastels, pencils, etc., as well as for work.

Using the preserve with putty eraser

Especially great for watercolor paper - drawing eraser putty eraser is a lot of paper on the surface of soft and gentler than the general. They are readily available in the art supply store. However, the general 'school' you are a little more expensive than the eraser - but, of course, just as easily mislaid.

Putty eraser size is typically about 2 "X 1.5", so I cut four small pieces into a new rip and one at a time using. But, now it almost without losing a piece of punch through painful experience that I have found that as little as one that is easy to lose like a big eraser.

Adhesive eraser, or put it on a piece of paper in the normal way, you can use a dabbing action to lift the pencil traces. If you want to remove the part of the image without affecting surrounding area's biggest advantage is a very good point, or chisel edge is that you can mold.

It's much easier to contaminated adhesive eraser to clean. Clean area until you see dirty inside edge, just by dragging and mold. Can all use a bit of cleaning before you can do pretty for longer.

Pencil eraser, clean the

You, if you are using a different kind of a pencil eraser that plastic or plain old-fashioned 'India rubber' type if it's attention and you're not the devil that you can get off to get dirty residue on the paper, especially the eraser easily color.

Two problems, one the next entry transfer prior to the next time you use it on a piece of paper to erase the pencil to the residue.

You, or if not used for a while, rubber surface oxidises the bad and the paper begrime. Both cases moduyi To solve the problem, convenient hard, soft eraser to rub on the surface of the drawing board or worktop is ideal.

Eraser and wash the residue to leave a nice clean surface. In fact, you like to keep clean and tidy throughout the drawing session on the work when you receive it, one day is a good habit to clean the eraser.

You also can be used to select a small area and shave a craft knife piece of plastic or rubber eraser. However, see a reference to the putty eraser.