You what you need to know about the painting

Do you remember one of the better one to determine the two big painters of the contest between the ancient Greek legend? Zeuxis hoping to get the grapes to eat, or even of the birds in the picture for it was so real still life painted king was impressed. He asked him to indicate that he painted following the curtains drawn Parrhasius. He wanted to know about Parrhasius contents smiled his curtain itself was a picture.

Modern graffiti dates back to around 13,000 BC, from the earliest cave paintings, through the century, and the country stood the test of time in this figure is the ability to appeal to human emotions. You smiled at the end of reading the above article the fact that each human figure and distinct relationship, whatever their own personal reasons would be the formation represents the cave paintings an aura of mystery, so today we can appeal to even, but it offers a lot of appeal due to its simplicity, or the fact that contemporary art us the color bugakreul.

Eyke from all the famous painter Picasso for the money, but not seven, as a result of the deep feelings towards each theme or medium. Left Leonardo da Vinci completed over 30 works. He constantly shifted between painting and procrastinating, sculpture. Committed suicide out of frustration Vincent van Gogh none of his works does not understand. Bwateotwa cubism, geometric shapes, Picasso style art picture of investment. Eventually his emotions reflected in Figure. Today they also attract attention to us yiyuyi.