Management of oil paintings in the homes of your treatment-of-the-art

Handling your oil painting: Unframed oil painting reproductions or original oil paintings and handled as little as possible of oil painting reproductions, or washing hands prior to oil painting when it comes to dealing and oil or lotion is that it is free you must. Edges or unframed oil painting reproduction (stretcher frame) Do not touch the surface with bare fingers. Gloves worn tissue using cardboard or corrugated non-emulsified and held under the lift.

Frame, your oil paintings: using acid-free materials to be able to display the visual impact of the optimum frame twenty-two hand-painted oil painting and does not interact with the highest quality affordable must be performed. Quality frames are not expensive and well worth it.

Hanging your oil painting, oil painting reproduction: Your original oil painting or pause rotate through the eyes of a joint (or stretcher frame) attached to the frame, using high-quality, multi-strand, braided picture wire from wearing heavy duty wall hooks must be stopped. Heavy frame art always two hooks for safety reasons, twice the weight of the frame must be hung in support of each.

Lighting: Avoid direct sunlight. Because of discolored in UV light is cumulative and irreversible. Blinds or curtains in the room, if possible.

Suddenly warm in the cold climate of oil painting reproductions, original oil painting Portrait of finding oil or temperature changes in the area of ​​Do Should maintain room temperature and relative humidity are reasonably constant as large temperature changes cause expansion and contraction of oil painting and frame all hand painted canvas oil painting of structural damage that can cause a small ripple effect choraehalwa. Temperature, relative humidity and 50F/10c forty-two 77F/25c% will be between 60-40%. Forced ventilation can not be found directly in the field. Moisture located in coastal areas, or in you case, consider the use of a de-humidifier.

Cleaning oil painting copy: Stick Figure no, if it's professionally cleaned should be gently like a oil painting.

Accidents: oil painting reproduction, portrait or picture is wet, seek immediate professional repair advice. Just 100% hand painted canvas oil painting to dry before starting it mold it is important. Including accident insurance for your house.

Varnishing: All 100% hand-painted oil painting canvas oil painting and portrait basically untouched. Varnishing is not required. Reverting it experienced buyer or restoration can be done Matt, you want it in semi-gloss, glossy surface finish, or after a certain period of time or to improve the surface gloss to provide for the display of art, so you can protect your Varnishing other slightly different from the overlapping area with oil paint colors, especially between sessions 'sheen' to harden as you can provide a picture of you in uniform surface appearance. A minimum of six months to allow sufficient curing of oil paint, varnish does not