Oil Painting Tips - Your palette configuration

Clean organization, palette that is an essential part of a good picture. The following tips for you to start with just oil and a good start will help you will.

You must have the right kind of start with a palette of In order to prevent the absorption of oil paint your palette, you must be non-porous. Palette trees in a variety of glass in a variety of materials. My personal preferences BOB Los clear palette. For color mixing palette, easy cleaning, and have found the best.

When you first start out, it is recommended to start with a very limited palette of colors. If you have purchased all the colors under the sun, you can get their mud geurimreul too many colors mixed can be found. Increased at the beginning of a slow start, the more experienced you can add more colors. Varies depending on the artist's artist limited palette for color selection. Here's my palette of colors is as follows: Yellow Ochre, Yellow Fail, alizarin crimson, Cadmium Orange, Phthalo Blue, Burnt Sienna, Burnt maroon, cadmium red medium, Phthalo Green, Titanium White, Ivory Black, Cadmium I It is recommended to buy a 1.25-ounce tube of all colors except the titanium white. More colors will be used to buy a large tube of titanium white,

First of all, in the same way, every time you set the color of your get into the habit must. This is just a good habit, and keeps the painting process flowing well. Prepared to leave a lot of room in the middle of the mix, along the edge of the palette colors.

Do not be afraid to squeeze out a good amount of paint your white. If you constantly squeeze the more paint that will not break, you will be more productive.

You think of color as well as a picture of the session, you must complete all contain specific. Again, you will be productive.

Has been found to keep my color palette to paint in a long line against the paint and when you add in the same puddle, exploitation cleaner. You in a puddle of paint, if they are mixed with other colors tend to get contaminated. Need, and the rest of the uncontaminated in a long line of paint, you just paint at the end you can take. A few handy for wiping your palette knife clean clothes or paper towels!

Palette as it constantly, it is recommended to completely disappear from the drawing process. Nothing more frustrating is you try to remove the oil paint Mali does not. Put some alcohol mixed area of ​​your palette so that you can keep clean or

I hope that these tips helpful. Painting, congratulations!