Chichester Cathedral Restoration of stained glass windows and stone

I am interested in my area of ​​stained glass frequently travel to the glass to watch whenever you visit churches and cathedrals, and you can enjoy the atmosphere created by the beautiful architectural features of playing surprisingly light. I have work experience and family tradition of stained glass studio as a trainee as a visitor, and Chichester Cathedral West Sussex, United Kingdom several times over the past few years have visited. Last visit, I was pleased to see the results of the restoration project started long before you were born is now complete and looking fabulous stonework and windows are all Creamy Caen stone English Gothic style of architecture is very simple and ancient buildings form of the solid perpendicular to the brighter. And relax after shopping and sightseeing in the center of the town near the Cathedral near the huge wall of the cathedral can be a pleasant space, creating a building in the shape of a cross between medieval Gothic market in the quarter is a busy shopping district.

Now restored for more than 20 years after the past 900 years, to the Cathedral is ready to be done to welcome visitors again. Completely light so you can once again flocking to the windows has been restored with all of the great north and south Transepts. Restored Lady Chapel of Clayton & Bell 1882 with Windows is really beautiful. Now been preserved, including the famous Marc Chagall window in all phases of the work of Chagall window company specializes in cleaning, glazing restore has completed. Beautiful flower festival held annually in the color of the window Chichester Cathedral (Cathedral) ( days you enjoy watching the flowers echo sure you can not miss this summer. The entire cathedral is filled with the scent of thousands of flowers lilies and fate placed on the theme of a great change from year to year, covering all the chapel aisle, even from the high vaulted roof pause.

Traditional leaded windows experts in the repair and restoration work of thirty years, the parents start a stained glass studio fee to create a new window, stained glass, and etched and painted pieces of glass. Master glass in the studio master glass painter mother, Jude Tarrant, elected Associate of British society of the paint is. New fee for her work in the United Kingdom, and this can see some of the stained glass artist to her profile on the website you can view. Hope I want to know the traditional skills of a master craftsman that created the window of the Cathedral Church and our own to follow in their footsteps, I'm glad, and I can still male-only team in the UK today being that this art form love and will be available in the original construction of the house, you want to keep a woman. As a medium to convey the message of the great religions in places of worship of all other denominations and faith as a form of artistic expression, I made for there to inspire and educate our beautiful new stained glass continues, hope to do our own of loved ones, and for their contribution to the society by the commemoration in that respect.