Abstract Painting - Abstract ... What is the meaning of those words?

Webster, apart from a particular instance of abstract definitions: a.considered, away from the object or C quality b.expressing. Little or no pictorial representation has a unique form. In other words, taking an object and focus on the core fundamentalness. Three definitions are very easy to depict the actual object itself, without showing figure in the story, the very essence of the drawing object abstraction to suit.

How do we arrive at an abstract painter abstract design? Easily identify most of the motifs they depict something called motif that appeared And they are looking for the very essence of the bare bones of object, so say, motifs Anatomy They are colorful, beautiful shape, some sordid, some general churoyi expressed the essence.

Figure writers from all kinds of statements. Depicted by the figure's easy to say, pretty pink flowers. Any abstract artist talk to his / her should be able to tell in a simple way, brush marks, colors and interesting shapes. In addition, the color of the color is arbitrary because it is at the whim of the artist, and, or very or may not be, and the picture of success and have nothing to do.

Released a statement that means that can not be recognized, it is burdensome. It simply is not a drawing of the problem. He / she must be the end of their work is limited, and to engage with us in a dialog box, you must use all Wiles, we can not recognize, or form associated with, unlimited (object) colors. Interest and shape and color through the writer should talk to the viewer.

"Weak wishy washy pink flowers!" The abstraction of form and substance without the bright and bold colors, weak, wishy-washy, pretty pink flower painting any picture in any form without substance "!" Never will succeed .

So ..... Here we abstract art, its purpose and intent, no understanding does not, standing in front of a work of art. And the response we wanted, but we are without a clue. So, we do not we hesitate in front of a work of art, color or design, I do not know what to say, so we respond, we say, or at least a street accident, "the writer must be nuts!" And the picture is wondering what's going on . What is its purpose? Good art, or have not you?

Some people figure the good work of the opinion that should be portrayed. They head to head and all of the trees you can not see the leaves and does good work. That simply is not true. Do not you prefer to see all the hair but not necessarily a good art.

Abstract illustration of the advantages we should be some guidelines on screening? The same guidelines for abstract painters portrayed the painter must be performed. Works worth a read, color harmony and domination, forms, colors, and a variety of on-line, you will need to repeat the good work for all involved abstract art should be.

Collection of wild colors and shapes always the good works of art, abstraction or description can not be added. Art depicting abstract than good because the writers have to rely on what meaning and value to make your own imagination and intuition can be more difficult to pull off. (Not necessarily monetary value)

Before simply trying to understand the abstract (non) art depicting the approaches to the idea of ​​what a grateful heart. Sometimes, the title will provide clues for us on Figure. That will help. Then you know how that affects reported.

Color tell you? Colors as you hold onto or lean towards? Any responses to works of art, you it's probably with the breakup, probably many many ways to go. To understand what it is. Good art, abstract or description, however, to set the mood, whether subtle intrigue and interest the viewer and each figure must acknowledge the merits of their own story tells.