Why is the Mona Lisa the most famous painting?

You may have heard someone say: 'I can not reproduce at home. If you can not afford a lawyer, I originally rather not nothing will! 'Art snobs that does not mean that nothing. Only because the price is right is unidentified than the original, which has been selected with the big art reproduction - and life - the walls enrich.

There are two original paintings in my childhood home. Bequeathed by distant relatives, they showed two slightly different views of the river. Anonymous Darker colors fade, and over time, depending on the newspaper. It almost does not matter. Life paintings they could put me because it was boring.

Fortunately, the figure could be parents also showed what was chosen under the two great works of art, and they still live in my memory. Made one lonely tree and landscape of golden light from the axis of the noble one shows The other one you all think is the beauty of a flower vase. Still life of the 17th-century Dutch master Van Huysum Mon. Landscape remains a mystery because of the artist's signature blocked by the framer who have As you see, this was printed reproductions of the works.

Is the fact that you can not reproduce the full brushing, painting, or the change of the light falling on the original colors of subtle changes occur in the richness of any technical However, replication of good quality, very very close.Some art lovers an ideal option for people who desire the beauty and quality that you want rather than settle for mediocre in their own surrounding Prints.This limited decorating budget, but is collected may come.

What is the print? Open or limited edition poster print, print and replication of what's the difference? Today's art market is filled with so many choices, it is easy to see why too many misunderstandings have arisen.

Engraving ancient methods produce multiple images. The oldest known work on cave walls in Australia - 40000 years from the date a long time into the hands of the indigenous artists stencil. Stencilling is used in the form of today's complex, including silk screen printing Halved potatoes cardboard intaglio children or relief printing in kindergarten are introduced. Is a primitive form of the calling process, we woodcuts Reno cuts. Many Masters - one of Rembrandt etchings created by a complex process that requires the help of skilled metal workers to expand the body of work.

Is a form of printmaking Rated slabs. Using crayons or oil-based inks, the artist draws the image on the smooth stones. Simply put, this process depends on the fact that grease and water do not mix. Treatment of stone sponge soaked with ink, and the ink in Gurgaon as it is non-greasy Figure deposited on a wet stone. Prepare and print more complex than I have described here the case of highly skilled technicians, under the close supervision of the artist, and call for help. Allow the use of a large number of colors, and create a more 'painterly' effect than other printing technologies are preferred by certain collectors.

Of prints and rubbings, drypoint, mezzotint, aquatint, there are several sub-categories. Because it provides one of the unique print all of the 'pure' form (or a monotype) is called a monoprint. Then, still wet on the paper image transfer, metal, or glass, as in the figure is generated by In this way, the artist is a very direct result of the paper in Figure Unlike the shiny and the quality you can get.

Fingerprints are all at a high price, surely a small amount. No looks even remotely like the oil painting will So, the next question is: What is replication? In another article demonstrates how the fastest that I have questions about this you can reduce the fog of confusion.

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