Beginner level - How to recognize the importance of Part 1 of the abstraction

Abstract art gallery visitors and art buyers to picture gets a lot of negative comments by Many people feel useless or meaningless. They are abstract works when this praise others, these people do not have a clue looking.

Simple way that abstraction in black men and women to talk about abstraction to think that there is a joke to use a foreign term or theatric description. Intellectual abstraction for millions of dollars at auction, made a joke, is not so easy.

What's the deal? Means paint stains and canvas, so be thankful Why does , Meaning that picture, but it's nothing meaningful.

Is the first "good", it is all abstract painting exhibited. Value is not part of the audit, do not nobody care about them at all. Now? Abstraction picture is a good question - and you know how bad that some people

You to explain all this already in your life, some comparisons to another judge used. How jewelry, furniture, or for the music's good, bad. Most of these people as those who prefer to make some judgment in three areas. And when we actually be good or bad, we talk about the environment is described.

Many other objects in their areas of expertise, but we can not agree exactly, experts often can share preferences. You an expert in one area rather than another. However, in the beginner level, you learn a lot can be understood.

Jewelry is the first example. In addition, how to shape a specific part of the first preference for the jewelry market valuation basis. The beautiful colors of the gems stone or metal? Stone or metal are arranged in a beautiful display? Appearance or wardrobe to go with this jewelry?

Compare this color blind If you do not like or jewelry is worth little. If you do not like the color, shape, and display objects of other objects, colors and textures that you can use whether you can see the similarities.

Furniture preferences are usually based on shape, color, texture, and overall design of the line. In addition to size, comfort, durability and cleanability When you select a sofa or table, and a lot of time setting.

If you have poor vision or visual preferences should be more likely to comfort and price is the only criterion that can be deployed to your preferences.

If you can hear the music, rhythm, melody, harmony, prepare, etc. There are a variety of types to choose from based on music preferences, and then you will soon set your preferences. Everyone is not like music. Prefer some people do not like jazz or rock, classical or blues.

This example, abstract painting, and when compared to what? One other than a few abstract paintings in this way - at some point you look like you will feel. May occur at first, because it is less offensive than the other one. Your preferences will mount a lot of work preferences, you can rank order of Figure You can attempt to assign them to the same grade and 1-10, depending on the level of audit.

On this abstract painting is the beginning of gratitude. Thank you from the Internet, galleries and museums, or see the work of other writers in this book, you will be a more in-depth and more discerning.