Marketing Print

Been used in the past, lithography traditional print writers sell reproductions of the original works if you want to. Effective, but these methods have a serious drawback:

Number, first and foremost, a high output will reproduce the value of the damage. Second, the limited quality four-color copy of the color reproductions of playing. In addition, the selection of the substrate was dismal compared to the giclée. Select more money, better color, limited production: the emergence of high-end digital printmaking artist has opened a new world.

Lectures and programs from a pure marketing perspective, the artist now giclees to potential buyers can offer. I'd like to buy art collectors, especially in mass quantities that are not made. when they are owning something rare and beautiful giclée purchase is guaranteed.

Giclees are installed in the world of art, they buy, as well as a world-class auction sale in the gallery and. Many museums giclees.

To the customer For example: I was recently on the phone from portrait artist. Her family portrait on watercolor paper to create her business, she can. Some inquiries to make a copy for her portraits of loved ones, so you can have more than one family. Request paper geudeuleunneun the same print quality at the same time. Our giclée on the replication and the original was almost impossible to distinguish. Now they want the writer feel good income as the family has many portraits!

This, regardless of whether the market, whether its commissioned art consists of high quality reproductions of the additional stream of income, given the proper marketing can not be created.

How you can increase the value of your work?

Is a proven way to sell the poster to create a poster by this artist and photographer for a long period of time (to perform), and Performing Arts. The buzz generated that can be displayed in various locations and facilitate the sale of the work in a poster format. A well-designed poster is one of the best advertising!

Second, create art, one day without selling high quality giclée reproductions of the original. For example, the 25 artists Valve unique artistic signature and can be used to check for release.

You can increase the value of the arts, and still so if you want to be able to sell your original. Start a small limited editions. Soon they sold as the value increases. Always, all of the art establishment and past, current and potential buyers and maintain a personal relationship! Buyer producers and art, as well as the emotional connection. More work if they feel a bond sujipreul will be more easily accepted.

Using the Internet

Art portfolio so that you can see through the people, and create a Web site. Add business cards, posters, postcards, etc. (for example: abstract painting, flower painting, oil portrait) in order to optimize your site for the keywords you want to target URL

This writer that if the LE determines the entire limited to pre-sales. Recommends that you track it collects and will let you know when a specific version is sold Another advantage of having a web site is to create a newsletter announcing new art and performance, as well as people of limited publication. These practices enhance the current (or potential) of the purchase value-added. Finally, printmaker activation request.