Unusual characteristics of the station Conversation

Time stepping backwards one station associated with the figure in the glass an important part of art history can be found. Recognize the people in this community, people, represents life and feel in their daily lives that can be expressed in the manner of their original art form, the use of dedicated masse 'during that era. Even today in the glass works, many artists have been inspired by the links and furniture manufacturing, glass production, building trade, vocational education, or agriculture, and agriculture.

This painting technique is often as needed rather than as an accessory in reality, looking alludes. Instead tend to give the symbolic importance of the quality.

It rather than creating a space or depth, as well as art that is related to the surface technology. (Due to the lack of volume) for the absence of light and shade to create Station Figure possibilities often the expression of the need of the artist to be meticulous decorative details abundantly decorated.

Free color combinations, for example, tend to use are often green and blue or red and orange.
Often strange nature of the work, especially those who live in the rural agrarian society created by the painting technique is very exist.

A simple representation of the human form, light or shadow volume of work on this by emphasizing the differences rather attractive way of realism and rustic art development with a completely original aspects of the image, such as the absence of creates.

Station picture on the glass it is a very simplified form of artistic expression that is considered to not do. This figure, the number of patience and technical ability of the technique does not need to, as well as the interpretation of detail representing the art form, and artists of their own personal experience.