Draws people how to - how to use gestures when people draw

You will help when learning how to draw the human figure, a figure brought to life when you behave properly. The gestures of the people is very dynamic, and are key to the operation of when drawing the human figure. Shows

Skull about one block on the waist, the ribs, one block and one block of the body is 3 blocks a moment imagine. Block you want, and then how to set that behavior once the location can arm and leg they I placed to the left are very few options .. In other words, once you gesture you can not find your drawing is almost done is
Nice gesture and in the figure, you can draw a line down the center of the picture.

Shoulders, hips and skull of the line, the line is there because it has a "S" shaped curve, angle of twist must "S" can be established so that three blocks is in place, the next step is to worry about facing in the direction of the three blocks. Should not be three blocks toward the same direction. All three blocks toward the same direction, drawing the shape of the picture plane to try and see.

Ass facing the same way, and the head and ribs in the other direction, now draw Dynamic and gestures round drawn at an angle that you feel what it's like.

A good example of this principle is the head of Michelangelo's 'David'., For example, is facing a slightly different direction from the chest pieces and eongdeongyiyi parallel to the picture two points, shoulders, hips, hands, feet, etc..

When you create a nice "S" curve of any painting or sculpture the first step. Tributaries all the action of your anatomy. This gesture another one of your fashionable low indicates that, for example, the next leg on one side will be a straight line, one can be bent

"S" shaped curve when you start drawing the gesture and the bottom line is, you in the picture you start to have a good foundation.