People ratio when used to draw people how to draw

You need to understand the basic clothing, muscles, shading, etc., before you can draw the human figure, it's human figure of the ratio is the aspect ratio of the picture major anatomy parts of the body are related to each other, how long simpleis.

Let's take a look at the aspect ratio of this picture of healthy male Aspect ratio changes depending on body type, age, gender and activity level. For our example, the healthy male figure seven heads and the height will be the foundation, all the same length, let's get started. That the head of each of the two long.

1 foot down from the center of the patella

Patella in the head of the femur

3 Extended elbow with the tip of your finger

4 below the navel to the clavicle

5 Is the width of the chest from shoulder to shoulder.

Tip # 1 - the width of the waist is the same as the distance from the crotch to the knee.

Tip # 2 - expansion of the end of the finger at arm's length from prison at the base of the neck and buttocks to the bottom of the same.

Tip # 3 - until the middle of the thigh, arm extended must wait with your fingers.

Parallel relaxation elbow ribs hadanwa Tip # 4 - must

Tip # 5 - based in the palm of your hand and arm pits between the size of the foot should fit.

Tip # 6 - Finally, at the base of the palm, the fingers on the face of go hand in line to the chin should fit.

Persuasive if you want to see a picture of your ratio is important to learn. Placed bone or muscle group in the figure, because you can see it "Off" because this is essential because of the length of the picture stand out wrong.