Body Painting

World Body Painting Festival (Of course, Body Painting Award) coming closer to the July 17, you get fired all body painting know-how for it's time.

The festival soon, but more about a brief introduction to the technology sector in the first illustration of the invention the body belongs.

Body Painting is a form of body art, and has probably been around since the beginning of civilization. Almost every tribalist culture, body painting, or simply for its beauty rituals just was performed. Clay and other natural pigments at the time they were used.
Body figure still remains in some parts of the world, and especially 'Mehndi', the form of the figure of the body using henna dye is currently very popular in the West. Henna tattoo semi-permanent.

Appeared since the 1960s, body painting as an actual art form. However, body figure, almost always including excessive exposure to the endless social acceptance for it's never discussed.

But, of course, art without paint and you paint the guidelines are limited, not really glad: Body paint is non-toxic and non-allergic can paint easily with soap and water wash.

Mehndi used synthetic black henna, and the natural brown henna, henna dye for the difference. Body figure when natural henna dye is completely safe, but the synthetic black henna dye could cause allergic reactions. You must have a test patch before you can use the following to himself in the figure of the body.

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