Abstract art illustration

Off the monotony of the fact that in general terms, abstract art painting and illustration depicting the practical need to reject that. Pre-World War II era, abstract art painters mostly to art, and art in the 20th century motto of "refusing to replace the spirit of realism and rationality and spirituality, or intellectualism to depict In addition, with the advent of the technology era, more abstract art has gained great significance.

Several changes during the 20th century, as an art form as an iconic figure in the abstraction above the transition, especially the era of painting the main feature. The famous painter Pablo Picasso abstraction typically worked ushered in the parable is thought to be. This from a different perspective as a writer, along with Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, cubism named formulated a new pictorial representation depicting the object.

Further leap in 1911 with the creation of abstract art illustration synthetic cubism and analytical cubism. For example, while decreasing the size of the subjects in synthetic cubism cubist forms of these pieces use the subject of the picture, the crystal structure analysis Cubism hwagaeun. Figure Ultimately, the first non-symbolic figure or 1914 from purely abstract art led to artists like Piet Mondrian, cubist pioneered this form of painting. Pioneered in the 20th century, the Russian painter Wassily Kandisky non-symbolic art.

Also in the 1940s, another form of abstract art, abstract expressionism expressionist theory of abstract paintings have appeared. Become the hub of the New York Abstract Expressionist art form had an enormous impact on modern American writers. Reduced to abstract expressionism of Jackson Pollock dropped from his job in the figure, using the technique, and threw paint on a canvas to create art objects or dirty. Also known as the New York School action painting abstract expressionism, other well-known followers, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko.

Abstract art painting, without reference to reality instead of an iconic creation, simplify the original topic of implicit and as a way to reduce the physical form of the city.