The painting process, the color and emotion the artist's travel is shown in Figure 3

Kind of travel from a different frame of mind, lead me the color and atmosphere. I describes the three figures and processes.

On canvas, "expect" 36x24 oil, dated September 1998 "Passion Series" * actually me groundbreaking work. I spend time on the color modulation, within a few months' Victoria series "was painted from photos I drawing a lot of pictures." Victoria Series "My goal, skin tone, etc. I can put in multiple colors was reported that photos or life in themselves enough, a lot of colors typically go unnoticed. modulation multiple colors, I was frustrated after about 10 of them get bored. Maybe I just a game, OK. .... and dark blue paint and canvas was determined that no adjustment is not up to the study, the color of my favorite photos found on my new brush for each stroke applied to my canvas. since then range adjustment not I continued to paint with the color palette and named the series "Passion Series"., I still I add the little nuances that can be anywhere until today like all the colors of the rainbow in my palette to suit. 'passion I Series "before the series is done mainly in shades of sepia," sometimes referred to as "Hawaiian heritage will add here.

Another example of the forward canvas 36x48 oil "Phthalo Green Girl" hours phthalo green and fell in love with 'Cosmopolitan Series "dated 10 January 2000, and is * I was tired in the palette of blues, I still like is think this work have been affected. Modgliani when I was in high school, a few years ago, Modigliani copy at home mom asked me to, I drew her 60x72 piece of coral I will never forget the picture or Modigliani ahnieul. wildly when I feel truly inspirational figure completed quickly and brushing is done is two hours in the sky, I, I like not another picture of maybe 3 hours drawing.

"The strength in my" dated August 2002 oil and canvas, 48x36 gold liner in the "Africa Series" * This work is part of the "Africa Series" is part of the In this series, all of my beloved palette with, phthalo green Color. I quickly painted as well. Nearly ten flows just like the feel. Specify must say so my homework and also geureonreul Graphite in continuous modulation and sepia tone of the picture for a long time, to figure provides a foundation of understanding. Color, almost dancing as I feel put down, and most certainly is such a state of trance. I used to use a large brush and paint. I work in the dark light. Generally happy with the picture and I am very confident that until it is light and small brush. Always use a small brush to the temptation to add a few highlights, but I probably boring and ruin the picture will be displayed'm reminded himself. Sometimes they do not work, but I just think, "So what!" I can always be painted on top of it, the oil is the gift of doing. Sometimes watercolor figure and, above all, there have more freedom than in the oil seems. To paint a large canvas' is very free. This when a small figure when I adjust the colors I back to the starting position fixed. We draw on a piece of paper, when we free from worry about the end result you are trying to set themselves up as "just a piece of paper, but try to say that a good friend to me, five hundred and twelve.

Play all the emotions the strongest part of my paintings. Takes the longest. Emotional images immediately if you need anything, so I think they can hide that. I sleep at night, sometimes I can get part can not sleep to me is a disappointment. Only that I think it is. I did because I think is because people, mainly women, to paint and beautiful.

Image can be found on my website where one shown *:

"Passion series posted on my website" # 1
"Cosmopolitan Series # 1 posted on my web site
"Africa Series # 4 posted on my web site

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