Oil Painting - Still Lifes

So you still known as a painter of life do not want to receive? Still life paintings to the artist, seemingly ordinary objects that can be rendered at a mental or opportunities provided. But the final creation seems more complex portrait or landscape, still life, the process of configuring the manifold preparation and specific requirements.

Light source is one of the specific requirements. It must be normal, and the artist can use artificial lighting and reflectors. Better than the north facing window instead of facing east. The reason is very clear. Affects the rapid change of the position of the sun to light after a while, you will lose to pursue the first image in the first.

To prepare another configuration of the subject. You, you must make sure that the objects to be placed. Carefully draw several preliminary sketches using a different configuration, you can study each. Balanced and harmonious patterns of light and darkness, most of the line not think you were going to choose one.

The next step is to decide which way you will. The number of titles you exactly what you really see it, except for the "photo realism" as a goal when you do not want to hit. Thus still life for even the purpose, concept, or message, what determines your decision. you the way to proceed is to decide in accordance with, is the most important step, because

Used by many old masters oil painting technique involves applying repeated layers of paint and glazes. Silver Goblet "Zurbarán and Chardin's" technology "an example of the work carried out by the lemon, orange and rose, still life."

Or approach can be used to direct the picture. Good to remember that you must decide this point of interest is to determine a single center. Ideally, the center of attention all the objects in the best light, and others partially by shadows is concealed. Course is located in the center of attention, the surface illumination. To objects below, however, the shadow line is ideal pictures of the dark must.

After all seuteurokeugwa apply the color you need, and finally, step back and work closely. Finish can be added. Rather boring if the entire exposure, for example, probably one of the colors applied a different color, you can add bowanreul.