Abstract paintings of beauty

Abstraction of art began very long ago. Celebrity hundreds of years ago, work began. In fact, you can see some of the more famous abstract picture of it before. Abstract paintings made famous by Van Gogh, you can not remember. Picasso, as well as an abstract picture or two. Modigliani is known for his work of abstraction. Following singer, because a lot of people the art of abstract painting has been gaining popularity in the modern world.

What exactly is the abstraction? Abstraction is defined in several ways. First of all, the tradition of abstraction as shown in the figure does not depict reality. At first, most of the art depicting a realistic representation of something, a photo or a person or. Abstract picture does not do this. Definition of abstraction abstract painting does not depict objects of the natural world. Rather abstract picture of the non-representative and nonobjective manner using colors and shapes. This person, you can be anything, or nothing at all, just

You can easily see when you see the abstraction. Abstract figure, bold, bright, and vibrant colors. Abstraction art using bold colors that stand out that many biometric forms. Both strange and beautiful abstraction.

"Abstract expressionist" movement in the 1940s. Displays the artist's freedom of expression and movement was started by pressing the art of abstraction. It is also a school in New York was launched in the "action painting." Declared independence from the European style of work of the United States' first school was one of the school. They are mentally, I like to think of art as a form of intellectual art. This more abstract art illustration of push.

Can come to understand a little more now that you know the history of the art of abstraction. It is important to appreciate all forms of art, including a figure of odd art abstract You, you want to own a part of this work may be. It's a funny thing to see it truly.