How to create one of the following abstraction - Part 1

Perhaps the questions I often heard the title would be better:
"How to create abstract images can be?"

The next few articles in the all the passion, inspiration and skills you need so that I can produce amazing works of art we value you can find a great variety of tantilizing enigmas great, full of that dark secret place will lead you to Howard Hodgkin or Mark Rothko you these people who do not know (do not worry ... you Someday soon meet.)

So ... What should I do?

To you and his men slipped in order to move forward along the creative path I have a slightly different question.

What is the reason?

Why chusangjeokreul Would you like to create?

... Is a list of answers here you are reading that you want to determine if that is why they want to fit all loose:

1 For no reason ... I just would like to.

2 Looks too easy ... And decorative move to something that is a good thing.

3 To make money ... Very much!

4 I feel ... As you really need.

5 Dream, dreams, thoughts, hear your voice, I have a vision why do I have an internal aura to something that is ... And these materials must be brought to the world.

6 Treatment ... Visualize ventilation opportunity for my aggression, my lack of self-confidence, strengthen my inner turmoil.

7 Want to express myself ... Strictly personal way in.

By no means a full list of this is ... You completely, there may be other reasons, but this is a start.

So ... Will you select?

Can be a little more detail, you can use them salpyeoeul

1 Of anarchism. Wanting to work in the abstract, for very valid reasons. You are likely to already boiling cauldron, and truly opposing any work that can be produced significantly However, you rely on brut strength, and to work for obstinancy dazzling power is required.

2 Is one of the most common misconceptions. Production is not easy ... It is an abstract piece Is easy to produce this mess! This link will lead to dissatisfaction, depression, and bitterness, and your in a much better position to produce a truly abstract works that will be.

3 There are literally millions of people who produce the most amazing piece of ... That none of the rich and famous do not ... You can even earn any money. I believe that the money because I have to paint the atmosphere - it's never can. And try again.

4 An interesting answer ... Worker attitude-driven series. Dangerous yet convincing. Your success and destiny ... But success means for you and are not interested in help you will not. Can find more questions, but the urge darkness (not mysterious darkness, but the darkness of scarey) in depth.

5 Surrealism. Abstract and they will not be too difficult ... As long as you can relax a little bit. And blinded to any potential, a more appropriate image to visit explicitness does not allow the combination of coincidence.

6 Here is the answer for the purist abstract producer. Contribute to internal tensions, fears that can not be explained, and the dazzling spirit kkambakneun true innovation in the palette.

7 Fears Explorer ... Well, it's your own expectations, but how is your actions much more carefully I hope. You are ready to listen to people tell me what you do not like how they work ... More so, they want to destroy it? ... Even then you still have to keep your doctor?

What do you think? Still holding and producing work that I want? Yeah? So here's some practice to the next article.

Every day you get a sketchbook, one page to create guaranteed at least one of the marks of any kind. Gallery (online), as well as people move to the curve for freedom all observationss or sketchbook! If you are a little hesitant about the marks you make here is a very useful exercise

Import A4 sheet of paper and a pencil, can be measured in seconds, watch, clock or timer looking for, set the timer for 15 seconds, check and clear for objects other than paper table, place a piece of paper and a pencil on the table , pencil, and timer ... Is equipped with a chair ready to sit on the table.

Stretched hand on the closest object that can be placed on your table ... Any number of mobile phone magazine ... And, without thinking, simply put it on the table - sit start the timer. Get object (IT) Do not draw five seconds to Pay special attention to the object of shape, texture, space, highlights, lowlights, tone, tints to consider. Five seconds to start drawing ... In 10 seconds, trying to capture that you just reported.

You can face it ... Work you're creating! So do not even try. I think you just what you see of the day to capture the dynamics ... No no.

That is repeated six times. More hesitant scratch each time to slow down the purpose of the line drawn try. When you be able to draw one big one why 22 bit code for draws.

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