Record is! Keeping track of your work

Our body works in the catalog may be the last thing in our mind when we start out as an artist, future biographers, there is a problem. We worry, and we developed a unique style of art, which is seeking a passionate topic of combining our Who either S / he will end up another Michelangelo began to think? So who maintain a record of the art created at the beginning of our career, we what's so important? I'll tell you who cares is

1 To access the gallery director to represent you.

2 Customers loyal fan and would like to see an example of the initial work.

3 Newspaper editor functions can be executed on your budding career.

4 Art print or book publisher can be issued.

5 Income Tax Department.

6 Finally, future biographers.

Future will arrive sooner than we expected. You to keep a record of your work in order to progress when you need to produce it if you have not, you will be faced with the daunting task. Suddenly if the desired number five, and can be a serious problem. Records you need to fall into three categories: photos, leisure products, business records.Because each category have their importance to you, other articles on bookkeeping, business section of the world we first to resolved.

Are confident to complete the picture, whenever you appear to be worth - Photo Gallery of charity art show, competition, or considering entry on whether And label printing presentations, polio, or put it on the album. Tip: Your character eventually, right on the back of the photo record, do not. Instead, after writing the title on the label of the stick in the back of the photo attached.

No doubt you've seen 35mm slide or artwork that you can see the transparency requirements (positive film) that contains the gallery director. In fact, even usually, not always. See you have the extra time to set up the light box or projector to see a sample of an artist, gallery director ambitious Pictures from many years of experience, all the people that they need to need to know all of them know a bunch of rapid tests.

In fact, you can have a bunch of photos during the initial approach for the Museum of Glass Work. Digit true direction and placed on the desk of the director experienced eye can see. You are in doubt of the many and various styles and subjects is not present, S / he informs the 'rights' work. Work means it's consistent and confident display to show your talent. This S / he comments that, if you know / he is interested.

Advise you s NB s / he is talking about, if you a successful career in the well on the way. Tips: Your purpose must provide government subsidies to be displayed in the public gallery, the artist's policy. ' Need to configure your dreams honey as there are ambiguous terminology and incomprehensible as a joke. S / he trained curators yimeuroyi will be comfortable.

You if you want to be successful in the real world, these days, in an interview with a dedicated gallery trot does not. Personal gallery, they are business people. Their job - which is the reason for art is to sell. Their customers, I'd like to buy art. Their high-flying bravado Doi impresses. Everything from their intelligence operations to collect all the passion to motivate you, but If your work is really good, all of you do not say.

Career is set Customers who collect your art, you can ask to see a few examples of previous work. Photo gallery this figure to represent you with or you would be good if you can satisfy their curiosity. Purchase some pieces of the period, all sales of sujipgayi characters.

Features editor that runs all the articles about you and your art to go with the pictures in newspapers and magazines, Thank you. In the early days of your employees to send photos, they are likely, so his hands on them, some related pictures that good. Press some keys really are, despite promises that when people remember your materials returned, because 'they' say. Tip: electronic printed in this newspaper, journal or magazine these days there is no need to provide tumyeongreul General color photo printing is typically required.

Transparent when you need a limited print of the picture in the book, or to reproduce the work. From a positive film on a regular basis, preferably when you a large plaza in the form of jobs should be taken. At the beginning of (the film transparent will be sent to the laboratory.) Has the disadvantage always the same, it seemed to make it easier for professionals to participate.

1 Pictures, probably secondary to a significant cost.

2 Adjustment for house wiring, and even the installation of curtains professional photographer works indoors, if you insist.

3 Really great shot of the work on the reproduction.This understand that the photographer's meaning can lead to a lack of disappointing results.

4 Sudden changes in the weather forced the cancellation of the outdoor shooting of all people is a waste of time.

My solution was to buy a special camera required, and to learn to work alone. These cameras cost thousands of dollars, but the photos on reducing rates of expenditures to compensate. Some photo labs are selling for almost half the cost of the used camera. To fit the weather and you can be done. And if something has gone wrong, you quickly and cheaply you can run it again. Although there are many books on how to take this work here, the default is as follows:

1 Has the best results from the morning sun on the art outdoor shooting. (Clients who share tips, like phone friendship for many years formed and Research Institute experts he are many professional photographers because their work to 'de-mystifies' the outdoor work without elaborate lighting set-ups are reluctant to explained .)

2 Winter or summer photo session for the best time to learn. For you to count calories of light (what you are looking for, you can fiddle instrument glare free bright light but cool, light, distance, and the artist's eye accurate estimates of how quickly the learning .)

3 Do not want to work on the North face and always in the same place which is traded.

4 Your assistant or friend willing to partner at all possible, the case of the rope. (S / fast-moving clouds to hide the sun or insects, if he is to alert you to fly into the frame, or the wind suddenly 'times' such as canvas) is causing

Finally, a lot of attention, like painters, using a digital camera for this purpose is not recommended. I will need to do so before you can feel comfortable to see a lot of improvements in technology. The reason is simple: the playback quality depends on the quality of the original material, whether printing photos, negative, or positive film. Software editor to 'massage' the amount of the poor image can not be used. And my advice to you will be stuck with the square format camera tumyeongreul for generating a good SLR camera (lens) and one or more additional general-purpose as well as

Safe and easy access to all your files can be a way to maintain a future article, we discussed plus those all-important written record can be.

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