How to create an oil painting?

This article is a brief overview of the basics of oil painting. What is the difference between form different paint techniques and materials used to make the oil painting paints itself can understand the first.
As we all know that neglect to establish the integrity of the foundation, its amazing skyscraper is foolhardy.
Doubt technology is applied to create the picture is not a steadfast rule. Only guide in such a way as to conform to the respective authors, to create your own style to go.

The basic framework, perform the following steps:

1 Prepare the canvas.

2 Are equipped with the right blend of paint materials.

3 The figure below.

4 Glaze.

5 Dry.

6 Final polish.

To think a little more about the technology can be

Canvas: the canvas with a certain amount of surface roughness and the first choice. Data can be firm and dry. Kaenbeoseueun well placed or crack on the surface of the picture will be the picture on the board that can be pasted.

Paint: The following material is a perfect blend of the colors of the color palette to choose. Painting materials will be a wide range of viscosities. Than the previous one, each floor has a little more oil. Will age with no cracks in the floor drawing again.

The figure below: write the most important step in this oil. First, charcoal, pencil or oil sketches, and perhaps a rough sketch. Then apply the paint layer. Also referred to as the 'imprimatura' must have a thin coat. This item the ground without color will be transparent. Vegetable oil and dilute the paint, so you jeomdoeul good. More diverse blend of this layer, we apply sequential thick paint.

Is done to provide visual aesthetics Glazing: This beautiful light that penetrates through the various layers of gloss oil paint add to the charm. Glazing materials, ranging from balsam, resins and lacquers. Behind the spirit of the latest fast drying lacquers tend to, but the time to add more oil can be manipulated will be accelerated.

Drying: Last Figure 5-7, can be dried. Then, careful examination of the figure displays the color blends crack or collapse, such as inconsistencies. The right way, if the defects can be removed.

Months after the final coat of gloss: glossy, applied to the picture, so this gloss is retained. Now you are ready to frame and display.


In addition, the choice of the frame to enhance the esthetic quality of the picture an important aspect. Because of this selection is rather to enlarge the picture of the character than masking it.
Review in the market for a quick picture of the material that can be used very much, there are some neutral shade of shoe shine, sun, oil, vegetable oil, in order to prevent the decomposition of exposed color and choose to make their cuisine zinc cream resins for optical. Most of the commercial preparation of a mixture of all the elements have to choose the right one, but it can be a matter of trial and error.