Oil painting

Oil painting, and if I thought you started here are a few basics.

Drawing a picture to go in well-ventilated areas to make sure that the first step of oil painting production. Your windows or doors need to work, so that can be a good fan and air circulation is fairly open space.

To external users of the oil paintings you if you eventually wind blow so as to ensure that all must avoid. Keep in mind that bees and many other insects flock to the Citrus thin.

To be the first thing you your tarp, drop cloth, plastic bags, etc. to put down. Use masking tape to secure the edges of each Will be bunched in You really this area for the convenience of the wide enough make sure that oil drop cloth on the work area to set going. You if you want to set the table on a table easel and oil paintings, table top and stand or where sitting below the bottom of the cover to recommend.

Before you start your oil paint, paint your mouth - Dress includes gloves. You will need a container with a combination of the two parts paint thinner and thin, one of the seven containers with walnut oil. Tay for you sam inches tall and two inches around these container must Must create a way to display each half. You will need comfy paint clothes Paint your palette knife, brush, container, as well as easy access to the tube by

Now set up to use the oil painting of your paint. You in a variety of colors, paint palette you squeezed all you need does not. Only two or three colors. After you select a basic color palette of red, yellow, blue, cadmium place the size of a dime squeezed. You to put points on the three points of a triangle, as far as possible, a palette of space. Pull up attractions titanium white oil paint paint in the center of the triangle's size coins. The following: Use a knife to mix the colors.

Now you are really ready to create your oil painting.