Oil Painting Supplies - for beginners guide

The figure for the first time some 10 years ago when I started for the first time in my local art supply store, a trip to remember. I As I check the passage reminiscent of my feelings of utter chaos. This particular art store had a tube of paint, brush, medium and canvas known to man confused with too many choices for beginners. Goods sales person that I needed to come looking for me to start after a few seconds. Any role In a nutshell, I need to be absolutely no thought supply box full of half after 30 minutes left the store. I know now that I would like to know. To myself, you can save a lot of money.

First oil painting at the beginning, if you stuff too go overboard should It is recommended to start it from scratch. Until you find the item you are most comfortable working with a little more experience to be, then you can try a third.

Brights brushes oil paint brushes - in an apartment on patrol in a variety of sizes and shapes. Can also be used with a variety of prices. Be sure to take a little extra spending and quality brushes. You do not want a cheap brush. Is greater than the quality of the brush head away quickly lose their shape mainly because cheap brushes and headache. You are really depending on the type of painting you plan on doing: landscapes, portraits, impasto work, etc., purchase the types of brushes brushes for certain types of calls. You develop your own style you have more experience increased Depending learn over time. First, for detail work or in a variety of sizes, some small feet and some of the fans to buy an apartment for blending. In addition, you will need to purchase a good brush cleaner and nine people. And preserved for use the Marx Brush Care System to clean my brushes and good works.

Oil paint, oil paint may vary depending on the price and quality. Very good paint on the market today. I have to work with Grumbacher Artist Oil, Winsor & Newton oil paints, but are very popular. There are different grades of paint. Student grade paints and professional grade. My own preferences, because the colors are more brilliant than student grade paints, sexual and professional collaboration. I started buying the low quality of learning and experimentation, OK I think. Will never go back once you are using a professional-grade paint to ensure student achievement. For this course is my opinion. Artist color selection will vary. Others of different colors at their disposal dayanghanga preferred, while some prefer a limited palette of just a few colors.

Here's my palette of colors. Developed over this time only my environment because there is no need to purchase these exact colors.

Yellow light Cadmium

Yellow Ochre

Red light cadmium

Orange Cadmium

Burnt Sienna

Raw Sienna

Burnt maroon

Alizarin crimson

Sap Green

Thalo Blue

Ivory black

Titanium White

Oil painting medium - medium preferences vary greatly in the artist's artist. Own mixtures and formulas all writers must have thought I If you're like me, use linseed and poppy oil. My bright colors mixed with a mixture of linseed oil to prevent yellow color trends. Less the same tendency to yellow while the bright colors, mixtures, I use poppy oil. Other media that can be used. I'm chasing you until you find something from the artists to try their own media and Recommendations recommends

Canvas and other supports - support the popular support that many artists work on the canvas, but the other one is available. Other choices, for example linen canvas, boards and canvas paper. You yourself if you want to buy rolled canvas and stretch. Again, experiment until you find the picture in the style of the most well-functioning support. It is recommended that I start with a few small to medium-sized canvas. I will work with cotton canvas and stretched FREDRIX Red Label. Red Label for use with oil and oil painter and popular among a great medium texture quality of the canvas.

Palette - the palette is made from various materials such as glass, wood, plastic, and even paper. My palette of choice the BOB Los clear palette. This palette is amazing. It is easy to clean, to blend the color of your paint and enough space holds a lot and is It's also a very affordable price.

Easel - Easel in a variety of sizes and price ranges are available. You will need to be able to paint a good stable easel, you figure otherwise when you shake around the canvas. Can be very complicated. You can also you figure in your studio or outdoor painters, even if you want to determine whether you need to. If you paint outdoors, you should consider buying a French easel. Jack RICHESON Academy of Verona (Verona) Half French Easel is a good buy. Have a lot to choose from, if you work primarily in your studio easel. STANRITE 500 Classic Aluminum Easel personally. That is both lightweight and sturdy easel is great. It is easy to set up and can be integrated easily transportable.

I really document was helpful, please. Happy painting god bless you!...