Station What is painting?

Welcome Welcome to the world of the station painting on glass. This technique is popular for many centuries has been considered to be a 'people's art'. Complex painting techniques, such as support for the use of glass and did not interfere with the popular.

Station seen from the other side of the glass works, or through the glass after glass (or plexiglass) sheet on one side of the subject as a picture is created.

Unlike the technical canvas painting or similar support the artists need to be painted on the station or back to the front of. '

Be created on canvas or wood panels to support the work, you can paint in the direction of the angle and that it ultimately would like to see the completion of However, the reverse of the picture and see the side of the work of the painted surface opposite to each other.

Similarly, creating works on canvas usually start with a rough overview of the completed and gradually built towards the finish. Later on where to begin and typically will end up fine details and finish with the signature of the artist painting technique of using this procedure typically is applied first, and the color of the background application, therefore, use the term 'station Figure add .

Glass, the use of painting techniques that can give the effect you can create a very beautiful object. Some artists in their work in order to provide a more in-depth use of thick glass.

Station to see a picture of people on the glass for the first time this topic is drawn on the surface of the glass itself that it may take some time to realize.