Using an easy way to make good-Star

You ever figure your half complete: I think I saw it on the easel I think it's wrong! If you try to rely on something that can not know what. Ten to nine, you have a problem that can be caused by incorrect configuration. The success of the work depends on the thought put into the configuration of the work. You already know the basic rules

1 Landscapes on the canvas cut in half with the horizon, never to be always from the top third or two thirds down is placed.

2 Line unbroken to the horizon at the edge of the edge of the canvas does not stretch.

3 The focus of the picture, or the most important feature, always be positioned off-center.

You went according to the rules. But why perform a good picture look 'wrong?' Bets you start painting, fussing, is that enough for you. 'Minor' elements placed in thought did not. In fact, not a minor element in the work. More people than just the life of the great play of the 'window-providers.

Automatically configure a few years ago, I set of the first important step as a tool to keep me from making mistakes in the 'Star' singing devised. Kidney, Figured I'd like to draw on the canvas, but the star sketch on paper of any size, can be applied. Too easy, it will work for the people. You

Virgin white canvas to display in the center. Using a T-square ruler from the edge to the edge of the canvas, to the point of horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines draw. You created. So, how does it help? Not place the focus of arms reminds For example, the portrait, the lead group of the horse's head, the most interesting feature of the landscape in a row, or the next place the subject's eyes do not.

Point often overlooked by the painter in another, it is necessary to maintain the viewer's eye from wandering outside the frame. Experienced artists a strong interest in some of the elements on the right-hand side of this figure can be achieved by placing the learned. Work for the following reasons:

The people of the Western world, is read from left to right. So, you can linger in the right eyes stop tempted. Then back into the central region of the figure, leads Almost effortless, pay attention to the dynamics of the shape within your composition, you will learn how to perform this task.

Again, I emphasize the fact that this figure step exercises that you can work from. Weak to modify the design to the top after the multiple layers of paint, you raise it, it's too late. Then, you is not nothing but destruction and failure, you can restart. 'Day of doom and destruction,' I have used the phone before you start using the Star.

You must perform the piece of vine charcoal drawing on canvas. Compressed charcoal on the picture does not clear when you change to greasy and hard, because I recommended. And would you want "is part of the creative process. Of the other advantages of the vine charcoal, the movie has been a soft cloth.

TIP: If you want to hit the unfinished canvas wall you banned the cat / dog / kids in the studio. You, significant other, or obliging one, in order to accommodate them in the construction of a rack - best thing (animals or children canvas) Insert.

Directly on the canvas, graphite pencil drawing on good does not. Time, away from the pencil line includes oil paint. Figure above each line drawing of this problem, a thin vegetable turps and pigment mixed thoroughly dry before you continue to go to overcome. Following a much more quick and easy way to include the following:

Certain everything you would want when you geurimga When finished, stop. Picture again before reporting to allow yourself a day or two of breathing space. When you are ready, turn on or off to work backwards in front of the mirror. All errors now you will go out. Less than Leonardo da Vinci 500 years ago, the owner, to his men how many days does not.

Made any final adjustments, you can modify the picture. Finely detailed drawings or you loose no matter, this is an important step. Please select a viable aerosol spray fixative. Open all the windows and doors in the studio, or if there is no wind outside the canvas. Some of this spray because the toxic ingredients health in such a sensitive painter and house painter paper face mask.

Light and spray canvas vertically to cover the entire surface. Spray a heavy concentration of charcoal lines and WEST cause blurred or dribble, so do not overdo. Second spray can sweep Wait five minutes. When you are finished, you can stand and spray nozzle to cancel. Stowing before dropwise what you can do in your supply closet, replace the lid, shake tteoleojineunreul

No, you're not ready to start the picture! Careful writer will have to wait a few hours to dry completely before laying the surface color to see. I believe, I know the temptation is started. Cultivate the habit of patience, please. You may not need to waste a day waiting to be offended.

You the problem of making the picture, if they persisted for more than 500 years. You are worth waiting for "immortality" Then do you think? Old Masters, certainly think so. © Dorothy Gauvin