Chinese Painting

A unique combination of materials and a variety of techniques for world famous Chinese painting. Is a traditional form of Chinese Figure Figure has been in existence since a very long time. A large number of beautiful murals made in the early period of China's history, but most of them managed to survive. Most of the history of Chinese painting can provide insight to understand the Chinese way of life, and the initial period of the early writers on the style and taste.

Some of the main features of Chinese painting colophons and seals, and other materials are included. Used in Figure Chinese brush painting style various very good tip. Brush technique includes a line drawing, cunfa (texture and shade), and dotting the way (dianfa). Chinese painting, the aesthetic beauty of the brush strokes, rhythm, as well as teach. Brush strokes can vary greatly depending on the artist's individual style. Chinese paintbrush different types of crab claws beureosieun chao hsieh "PI", and "Hua 1 month pi" brush that can be used in large and small size that will be used specifically to paint flowers. A "Yu Chu brush the pie 'is typically used in painting bamboo and orchids Chinese Artists picture of himself in a unique way to hold a brush.

Typically, artists painting Chinese silk or thick paper. Figure can be used for each kind of different kinds of Chinese newspaper will come in various finishes. To figure in the silk cloth, it must be treated as a first adhesive and less absorbed to alum. Modern Chinese Artists generally prefer their different textures on paper.

Chinese Artists use different shades of color to give a natural feel to it, and describe the function of the specific topics. The following representation of the structure of the configuration of the singer, and the way you can enjoy the freedom. To highlight specific topics in order to improve the impact of the artist, you can leave the background blank.

You can see the bright red paint representing the owner of the picture or the name of the artist in Chinese painting A picture of the location of the seal may differ from other.