You would you like a way for their oil painting, the Louvre (Louvre) Museum & Guggenheim care

One oil painting in the house is equipped with a safety deposit box, you loose it and placed in a permanent place, as now, you may be wondering how to keep the picture as beautiful as the later stand in front of him and watch it first extract the package, it was when.

To maintain here that are included with the original luster and beauty you want to keep Figure that can help are a few tips. You handled well, of course, the picture position deep to hang your picture with the bright colors, the figures you or how quickly fade maintain how well with a large number can be eternal.

Ready to show you a picture of it can not be seen as a normal thing, but to have a picture environment There are a number of problems. Picture, a picture of you at this time, expansion and contraction picture to break direct heat or humidity will be charged in the area.

Dangerous cold temperatures also can harm your picture at the time, the recommended temperature is the most appropriate for your picture, after more than 75 degrees or below 65 degrees should not.

Another important factor to keep in mind while selecting the destination of your photos picture is not in direct sunlight or bright light to make sure. Subtle light to compliment your figure your break room, but the picture is a bright light over time can create peyideueul paint.

When you find the perfect place for a picture of you, one thing to keep in mind the dust is normally not to walk around the area to make sure the building or insects. Sometimes can help the growth of mold dust build moisture in your room perform the same function. Then you room to place the figure, the perfect temperature and not have a lot of moisture in the room, make sure that the ventilation. Try using a humidifier to maintain if you find a lot of moisture in the room.

Insects sometimes sneak on the back of the picture, you can build their nest in a small indentation. You need to keep an eye on the back of the photo in order to make sure that the insect growth of any home while the cleaning is taking place.

Finally your photographs to investigate the best way is to use the feather dust, chemical cleaning products or paint damage and pain. While cleaning your picture handling, it Figure handling and mishandling during one from the owner of the most common mistakes.