ABCs of pencil drawing

Figure pencil can be expressed very cheap medium is attractive because many aspiring artists. Figure quick sketch of the overall tone of the work can vary, you probably have all the supplies needed to get started now you are equipped with. Fixed or school supplies does not cost a lot if you add a few items, you can find stores sell just about standing.

You "# 2" or "HB 'with a pencil, can produce a very good sketch lies in the pencil hardness of the most common and desk drawers are likely to find the highest type is, however, the largest at the end of a hard graphite pencil soft "9B", "9H" at the end of the hardness creates a few degrees, it is recommended to buy you want to add to the collection, 2B, 4B, 2H, and 4H pencils. texture than you just use HB pencil and pencil to add the following can be used to create a large range of shades.

Sketch on around you in unlined paper can be used, but now, you probably Specifically, as shown in the picture or sketch it holds the paper to determine the normal writing or in print more "graphite on paper" texture must does Typically from department stores that sell the same drawing pencil you can find cheap drawing pad. Be able to pick up a few other handy items for your shopping handheld pencil sharpener, eraser of a few different types of stores and supplies pencil box.

Most people practice for people who want to draw realistically drawn that way you can learn. Reality, you learn how to draw what you see not to mimic the shape or contour of the subject and objective manner, see the topic, so you move your pencil. Picture a "grid" in the use of these technologies by regularly can be improved by practice.

Grid over a photo and the title of the drawing grid to draw small parts easily broken, and can easily create. You want to draw it you can print a digital photo of the same size. Half of the pictures in the first quarter, divide the party and use a soft pencil. Division following the same size of paper as shown lightly draw a rectangle. Use a ruler for sure that the lines are straight and square the same size.

Now the subject of a photo illustration paper grid across each line of the grid, following the contours of the subject to draw the connection to the country. Another way to use the grid square square full picture eventually, once one of the picture grid is to concentrate on drawing a rectangle to draw. Grid picture painted on small subjects more manageable because many beginners, some advanced artists using the second method, the "bites." Should be a beautiful line drawing shading and texture that can improve the way erase the grid lines in the figure on the earliest date of use as you leave or when the operation is complete.

Figure is very affordable and rewarding art form. Are making an effort to learn how to draw and add a few items to your box of pencils. If you want to future generations, Thank you for taking the time to express beauty today to have a look around.