Animals of Leonardo Da Vinci - Leonardo da Vinci Part 2

Leonardo of animals, such as cats and dogs, horses continued to be known. Numerous animal studies, but found his most frequent animal sketches by Leonardo da Vinci paintings horse. His portrayal of a very detailed and lifelike. He was drawn and painted animals for his deep love and respect stemmed characteristics - he and his nobles renditions of animals injected.

In the mid-1480s, Leonardo moved to Milan from Florence. At that time, it was one of the most powerful city-states in the northern part of Milan, Italy. And entrusted it to say, as usual, to honor the Duke's father, Francesco Sforzo Leonardo Duke Ludovico Sforza. 24 feet high standing the largest statue ever made - a huge bronze statue, bronze casting that was

Leonardo has a large number of preliminary drawings for his Sforza horse. Study, proportional to the end of his notebook filled with. When this is done, more about the anatomy of this diagram, along with information on how to cast and 80t weight! Leonardo made a clay model to scale bronze horse, but it was not. In 1499, the French army was threatening to attack. You will need to make a metal cannon for the horse of the Sforza. Leonardo left Milan before the French army marched through the city. Rubble, French soldiers deulyiyi reduction target practice.Thereafter used to report a huge clay horse, could not resist. Leonardo was despondent at the same time, one day vowed to see his horse completely built.

In fact, through most of the history about the "never end 'was written 500 years after the destruction of the clay model, based on Leonardo's notes and sketches, the 24-foot bronze horse was cast., Has completed two full-scale statues. Different one given as a gift during Milan (Milan) Shi, Michigan is located in United Airline Pilot Charles Dent build such a thing to happen, look at the original sketch had been rediscovered in Spain, and its full-scale bronze horse had to raise the funds needed to start the process of his plan was to Italy from the United States to give it as a gift as the work of the sculptors themselves, he has made a clay model of the horse to Leonardo's specifications 1994, Charles Dent. but in death and his dream was raised, more than $ 40,000 lived in the September 10, 1999 exactly five hundred years the French destroyed Leonardo's clay model, and then dongsangneun Milan (Milan) on the announcement was October 7, 1999 days from the end of the second cast was published in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, the second end of the United States is known words.

Study of mammals with hundreds of new sketches Leonardo. Celebrity life in the Middle Ages, published Giorgio Vasari opened their cages and then go to the market and caged birds that Leonardo has his freedom back, to buy, and how much it helps. (1) Leonardo studied the movement of their wings on the plane, as well as their anatomy and physiology. Birds of sseotdagwa down to explain his theory of flight and several sketches of mechanical flying machines, he was inspired to , Beating his wings, a parachute, and bat wings to create a diagram of the spiral wings of birds in flight, wrote a paper called Division. Later notes and a diagram of the glider began to realize the problems of the propeller of the human He is also 33 meters spiral screw diameter of 32 based system design. Had to resemble the modern helicopter fly into the blades rotate, (2) is powered

Passionate interest in the Leonardo da Vinci in the study animals was unique for his time. He studied and observed animals, and drawn, and the grace and realism and painted. Michelangelo (1475-1564), more focused, and on the human and the divine art of Renaissance artists such as Raphael (1483 eseo 1520 nyeon), in the range of animals in their work, as did Leonardo, including did not. Leonardo above all other Renaissance artists, all of nature to mankind does not ignore the Pope (3) olryeotdagwa deity of some.