How to easily drawing birds

To draw birds as Audubon did a very demanding and difficult. Objective science than art, his paintings are better, even if they really claim the birds did not resemble the person representing them. I do not have any advice for people who want to follow in his footsteps, and except for a year if you go to the School of Traditional Arts.

But simply, but if you want to draw a bird, and pencil on paper, some of the shape. Somewhat new what similar when you put it on your head, eyes and beak and more fun, and this will be allowed.

Virtually any shape can be made to look like a bird. Can make it a rectangle, circle, triangle, rectangle, polygon, parallelograms, or from a combination Your eyes, to draw a picture of anything and you can add some feathers, beak and tail, perhaps a new image is called. Existing photo of a piece of fruit, you have other, bottles, boxes, bags, and add new features are.

You In particular, the following new figures, children's book illustration entire article can be written. Better profile alignment, leg, there is no need to worry about your foot on the tail. For example, a few new drawings, visit the Web site below.

Audubon's ghost came up to me and I am tempted to call, but this article, bird droppings, I dare cloacus if my description was threatened.

Writer and artist Jack Wilson in Tempe, AZ.