Picture plan

Planning picture:

Yeah, you think you found the perfect scene, who will be a perfect picture. What's next? Other schools thought to broach the subject. Some writers hand brush on paper (or canvas, so to speak) to go straight. Of this project, the most important voluntary. Others probably will be a detailed sketch of the scene a little research. I'm a mixture of both. Once confiscated by the idea or sketch, but it may be rough sketch. Shape are crudely drawn in order to provide an idea of ​​their position to me. I think my support in this place to perform the transfer. If you are involved in masking, I just draw the outline and enter the details later learned best years. Masking my pencil lines can be removed. In addition, the risk of smudging of the line.

It also reminds me another lesson I learned friend paint. It is recommended that he slavishly faithful to the pictures or scenes. Seeing someone if it does not fit, until he find, he looks Me again lead the eye around the picture from the frame to the point where the object moves, the other artists teach the value of an array has. Try to do so. Be careful to move your eye through the scene, what you notice first thing does not. Truly excellent book on the subject I found, "an amazing landscape painting 14 Forumulas" Barbara Nuss book. This book have more information about watercolor than oil, but the information is excellent. This book really is so you can see.

Another thing to keep in mind for the job in the ongoing state on the subject his feelings. That is the goal, is not it? Develop your own style and way of seeing the world around. Do not lose sight of what attracts you to the scene of the first.

Did your palette pleased Specific memories for you running? I remember. The color, if you break from your usual way, especially if it is recommended to keep in mind.

I configure them as much as I wanted to capture, attracted color, I could not remember only picture more than once been disappointed noticed.

Elements between the attractive picture will not be able to stop at. Strengthen the feeling of fitting title.
Chris Dinesen Rogers in collaboration with local artists, but the art is mostly self-taught and self-expression. Her work weaves realistic, the natural imagination and historical tapestry, a reflection of her deep love and dedication to the preservation of the natural Resources of the Upper Midwest. Her paintings can be found in collections throughout the United States and Canada. Her work has also been placed in a juried competition. Her village Frame Shoppe & Gallery, New London, MN and Earth Pen Yan, New York Museum of Art & art studio work is represented.

Her long supported conservation efforts throughout the Midwest and is a volunteer. 2000 Chris and her husband, specifications for volunteering at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky colonel was commissioned. Chris and specifications, co-author of the "Wisconsin vs. River Road to 101 things." This book details the University of Wisconsin River Road's unique and wonderful.