Step 3 to start drawing!

To start learning to draw figures and people is a big key to the success of your resources that you used to draw. Look what step 3 in Figure

Let's start!

So ... You figure you're ready to start! Let the right tools for dialogue work. Experimenters that an artist, you must realize that as you read this article. Also material to try out new ideas they discontinued gyeolkoyi applies. In combination with other ingredients as a writer is something you'll need to experiment works best for you to view. Material to be helpful in this journey, a guide or starting point will be.


Paper is all around us, and many other purposes. Paper the name of the "track" Our purpose as a piece of paper to provide direction. Inexpensive general typewriting paper and paper can be a good practice. A pad of newspapers are sold for next to nothing from the art supply store, this is a good practice pad.

Figure in the paper is an excellent resource. Different textures as you experiment with different effects depends on the drawing, you can come and see. Evaluation and texture medium rough, smooth, or glossy. Is holding a picture of light and dark contrast between the rough paper, soft paper than graphite or charcoal. This is also more blurry results produce. If you want to develop dark values ​​in soft paper, you use a soft pencil. Slander on smooth paper soft pencils you easily will be useful eraser! Another disadvantage of the smooth surface is made on soft paper, graphite shiny appearance.

I like to draw on for myself, I am so with enough grain to keep the details from mikkeureoeul medium grain paper. Will help me lying on the stroke too quickly, to prevent too much detail. I get highlights like the toned paper. (This effect to help use white chalk or a pencil.)

Is a part of the journey as an artist to look to find what works best for you. Other grain, hue, and the weight of the paper, and experiments to find the desired effect until Are listed below serves as a good starting point for you to use and I can

- Strathmore

- Rome

Back to the drawing board

You always need the drawing board, but it is important to support good company drawing surface. Following light you can work on the company board. 1/8 "plywood, masonite, or foam core of this work is all well and you held a piece of paper on the drawing board, masking tape, tack, tack or clip can be used.


Many different types of drawing pencil lead. From very hard to very soft, pencil is a tool that you can get familiar with. Soft, thick lead pencils. Hard thin lead pencil, and also unclear prevailed line.

Well, subtle and clear, because the vines a good charcoal. Because people tend to break easily, and must be handled carefully. Ray from the initial figure of the vine charcoal is ideal. Used in conjunction with a light touch, it can be cleared to allow the freedom that can be easily modified and completely adjust the picture. This figure, vine charcoal to be able to change the things you simply can maintain the fluid.

New pastel - pastel work together to fit. Brand Conte of oil because as they are the best operating conditions. New drawing, it may not be easy to delete. Because of this, you will need to be more careful with them. Vine charcoal as you perform the initial ray and placement is correct, the new pastel provides good control and a range of values.

For H and B soft graphite pencil hard. H in front of the number, the more leads. 9H is the hardest. B. In front of the high number of .. Pencil gently.

Personally, because I too shiny feeling drawn graphite pencil do not like. With exceptions, of course, is a rough sketch. I do not care for using Change the line on the side of a graphite pencil. Experiment, experiment, experiment ... You think it works well as paintings and paper, find a pencil. Chill out your pencils! Pencil on my recommendations are as follows:

Sanford Ebany additional soft jet black

- Vine Charcoal

- New pastels


Kneading eraser is a small rectangular blocks. Of the block, pull the parts and like dough because the dough is soft and pliable. Make a point at one end between your thumb and forefinger, press My eraser of choice!

You can also use a soft medium pink pearl eraser. If you really want to remove the dark areas, you can use scotch tape and the rest of your dough using the eraser most of the following will be launched.

I mentioned sounds redundant, but before looking for something that works for you, but part of the art is a journey. For this material is a good starting point. Time during my journey to find the right tools, I have experimented with different paper tones and color pens. Now I know that the new pastel vine charcoals and my favorite. Good luck on your trip. Good for you to be more effective If you find you!