Oil painting on About

Flemish painter Jan van Eyck (1390-1441), a painter of the first to use the technology of oil painting in his work is deemed Now in the National Gallery of London (National Gallery) of Giovanni Arnolfini and his wife, their 1434 wedding portrait oil painting the first and by history as the optimal sample is available. After that, Antonello da Messina, Leonardo da Vinci, and a few other fast drying to help with the richness and flexibility can improve the technology to improve. The most famous oil painting in oil on a poplar wood panel by Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, and Raphael's La Donna Velata in the wood-paneled bar.

Artists painted with a picture of yourself to express varying degrees of strength and are made from different materials to use oil brushes. Ike hairs brush made his stroke when you want bold and burly pig. He made fine, smooth stroke when you want to paint a squirrel hairs using a brush. He filbert, or a pointed brush, and apply large swaths of paint want for detail work, and called a fan brush was used. Sometimes he use his own fingers.

Vary depending on the nature and strength of the picture, but each painter's brush, oil painting, while most of the artists painted floor They first establish the background and left dry. They rough tone of the main character, and then painted. Writer bold colors, shadows and light effects to the second layer, when dry, the picture brighter. Glossy as a kind of seal that held everything in at the end of the picture, they are coated.

It took me months to complete the classic picture, but today the process is much faster, not happened, and the drying agent and enhanced oil painting company.