Made Easy color mixing

The past few years, I bought at the store color box (I'm in the basement to play with) many of the tens of dozens of unused old paint tubes, but a lot of the issues that I want them to have. And in a paper on 'Pop' getting my color a lot of problems were That is until I have a copy of the Blue and Yellow by Michael Wilcox, green does not verify.

Wilcox taught me that fewer In fact, you have six colors just about any color you wish to blend.

Hey, wait a minute, you can be thought of. You are red, yellow, blue - I think you need all the other ten thousand and three kinds of mixed color.

That's the truth. Kind.

Quickly so according to that philosophy, if you able to mix all the colors you need to. He pointed out that the different colors prejudice "of securities systems are singed - For example, tend towards some shades of red orange, and some tend to be blue / purple. Red, of various kinds, and blues of various kinds, and that yellow actually different kinds of understanding, that is the key. Wilcox, when mixed, so that you can achieve the results of a nearly infinite, two shades of each primary color. After all, he pointed out a few great masters of color, achieve amazing effects - why do not you?

Securities colors are recommended.

    Red Cadmium
    Alizarin crimson
    French Ultramarine
    Cerulean Blue
    Fail Yellow Cadmium

To be consistent in the way they label their paint manufacturers, which he pointed out. Shade of lemon yellow for manufacturing may differ from that of other manufacturers. The small print on the back of the tube, however, accurately representing the pigment in the paint code number. This number by the manufacturer of the uniform, so I know you're always getting the exact color, For example, lemon yellow, the code you 'PY3 or pipe 3 "yellow pigment" look.

Wilcox example, dozens of combinations that can be used in conjunction with a simple palette. Is one of the most outstanding features of this book. , Look at the page of color swatches, the color you want to find, and he is exactly what you must achieve some basic colors will. And when you on a piece of paper or a color from the palette to mix, always more energetic than that if you purchase the same color in the tube, you will get a light, interesting hue.

A little tricky to get this palette because the color is a nice brown, Wilcox offers a section on how to use the carefully manufactured brown.

This is big, but the biggest drawback is really designed for watercolorists were there. In other words, it works fine for me, since I prefer a water-based media. Their information for other media, mixing colors, however, does not like oil, acrylics and pencil, such as comprehensive. Therefore, rather than watercolorist More specifically developed for the middle book, if you can be getting. And, at the beginning of the book is a bunch of science mumbo Skip thereon, it's irrelevant. Own system for the good stuff will be provided in Chapter 5.

Many are there in a book on color theory. If you watercolor paintings, blue and yellow-green, very good, do not. His color system is simple, he provides the possibility to describe the page and the page of color swatches.