Elegant art of oil painting

As with most things, painting a good plan starts with the same elegant art, and oil paintings. # 10 (round kolinsky brushes will be a good choice), with a good brush and a lot of # 1 to start washing brush later, mice in order to cover a larger area, one or two # 20 brush and forget No

Palette, linseed oil will need to wipe the hard, dark wood.

Paint itself must be to check all of the paint is compatible with good quality and a range of basic colors. You may need to purchase a specific color depending on the title of the picture, so, re-planning is required here.

Canvas and dealing with the texture of a good quality canvas, primed several times in advance, ideally it should rub sandpaper and later advanced to the purpose for hiding.

To create a work of art, you need to plan out the painting itself. Of the drawn and painted on the canvas for the first time, or on a separate sheet of paper, carbon paper can be transferred to canvas. Make sure that the default size is proportional to the to start, and no matter what method is used, it must be drawn very approximately increasingly finer detail can be added. The subject of the picture must be something that's close to your heart. Are always more interested in the subject will achieve more success. A large area of ​​the background you need to allow sufficient time for drying between coats, the first painted. Some people tend to be better for subsequent layers to absorb in order to wipe the surface of the court after each half onion. Foreground detail and the finer details will be added as the last. Lacquer final coat can also be added.

These are only some of the oil painting basics of creating. Most, regardless of the topic, so you can learn by watching an expert at work, you should make every effort to find the flowing lines and elegant in his oil painting work together to create a talented artist. However, the Internet is also a great deal of information that can be collected for different oil painting techniques to the ideal place.