Today to start oil painting

For a quick introduction to oil painting models

You will need:




Five days of


Brush of good quality sable brushes. Quality in here Do not withhold. If you handle the brush than any other medium, oil paint and lasts longer.

Modern synthetic brushes made of natural hair like sable, may be much more superior in quality, limit yourself to select ten thousand brush does not. You find the location of the paintbrush hair quickly give power back until the spring. As acrylic paint dries in a brush that can be very difficult to clean up, it's for cleaning your paint brush, be careful.

Vegetable oil - vegetable oil is used for lessening and cleaning brush.

Painter palette color pigments mixed with a surface that is a palette. Pallets high as wood, glass, plastic, ceramic tile, or inert material may be made in the size and shape may vary. Format is most commonly known as a painter's palette, held in the artist's hand and rest in the arms of the authors, is designed to consist of a thin wooden board.

The middle five days - which can speed up the paint drying process and provides a little bit of gloss sheen. Vegetable oil can be used in conjunction with some of the same effect.

Paint - it's the "artist" is preferable to use the oil. Better coloring, and retention of performance in a wide variety of the highest quality available. Tubes with different sizes, but the oil, or even have the skills to deal well, lasts a long time.

Opacity - the opacity Sometimes the tube shown in how much oil transparent shows. Red / yellow is typically the most opaque.

Permanence - usually 1-4 (usually continued most of the 4 stars on the scale of the display), and (the longest continuous).

Hugh is exactly the shade of the color can not be Sometimes opacity on

Oil Painting: Simple Making

Much more simple and straightforward than five days painting or watercolor painting. If you see something, you can paint in oil. However, to create something memorable, you must:

1 You achieve a viable way to that goal, and what you plan to establish.

2 If you wish to sell, market research.

3 Typically accompanied by a reasonable step in the painting process approach

Drawings to examine the possibility of composing *.

Pitch value * Blockedout charcoal / pencil / oil sketches.

* Oil sketch trial in a variety of colors and harmonies.

* Possibility of working on canvas and ready to paint.

* Varnishing frame and hanging.