Your oil painting of best pay attention

If their artists, if you need to read this book, as you probably already know that you probably do not. The information given here and bought by people like you choose to live in the original able to provide a basic understanding of how best to handle the oil painting for the first time art buyer is.

You can not believe it, but most of the non-artist oil painting requires special attention just recognize the fact that the furniture can be treated as do not. When you buy an oil painting to you need to know the basics of the work of caring

Love painting, most people like you have purchased in your lifetime. Artist, art collector and always big and you need to keep in mind that means more than just products. Is a piece of the soul of the artist.

Following a few basic rules - are

This method is very simple sound;

Ever, regardless of how small it may be, and any pointed or sharp objects on the Height of the canvas in front or back surface of commitment, do not. Not oil painting development so if you leave the angry artist creating too many annoying and time consuming, and the results will be. Something about that leaning on a wooden stretcher bars of the canvas so no harm, and then will need to lean on you.

Original oil painting of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, the color will fade. Please select the location of your pictures while we appreciate your patience.

You do not build a thick layer of dust cracks and hard cause peeling paint dry is probably often the picture, you may want to investigate. Oil painting on anything (such as Pledge) defenses do not. Soft or dust with a dry cloth. Your oil painting of the surface looks dry or boring, you can no longer dangerous. Most of the artists also provides the ability to work with a gloss. Defense does not improve the image of the glossy surface, but the surface of the crack is kept safe and intact.

Do not oil painting, intense heat, intense cold, humidity or intense exposure.

Something terrible oil painting (ie, down on the person's head, you can get a large incision in the conflict and) to happend, if made properly on professional managers to fix. Do not perform work directly! To be one actually knows what will be asked to bring. The writer would appreciate it.

Dad always need to remove the work or for any reason, if you want to always be able to update the record of his origin, so information about the new location of the work will need to contact the artist. To shake again, or Do not discard the original oil painting! If you can not be kept completely for some reason, can be created to give back to