Purchase original paintings and art prints

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The original picture

The original picture, it is considered to be made with watercolor, oil, acrylic, or other material, typically paint can be applied using the appropriate brush on the surface or the application of other means to induce a single work of art is one. Another level of value, rather than its aesthetic or historical context, characteristics, as well as by the fact that is based

Original art print

Some artists use a variety of materials such as linoleum or wood block, stone, copper, iron, aluminum, plexiglass plate or silkscreens used to apply the ink printing method. Can be generated from the fingerprint with the same number plate, but it is considered to be due to variations inherent in the application process, each piece that is created by the original print.

To apply ink on paper Collagraphs used as synthesis, such as the construction of the "board" is created. Was felt to achieve a variety of textures and concentration Louis Pohl people to use traditional methods lacking in mixed media utilizing collagraphic print your own special technology has developed. Individual variations, along with other characteristics to determine the value of an individual's fingerprint can provide the short lifespan of the board is generally generated and printed from the limited number of prints.

Serigraphs are provided with collagraphs owner is more accurate and higher quantities than can be printed will be created in the process of silkscreening.

Transfer of lime or photosensitive plate, roller, or create an image from a conventional lithography, depending signed and a large flat on the sidewalk by hand on a piece of paper, is printed.
Digital art photographic prints an image or picture with the application directly to your computer and then printed on an inkjet printer on archival quality paper.

Bearings, edition number and signature on this particular day, most of the original fine art prints of the artist proof prints made of the total number of prints. For example, the number 3/10 bearing Print this product Print number 10 fingerprints all three that represents the will.


Offset lithograph and Giclees all works popular in the consumer price of a work of art print reproduction. Offset lithograph magazine, typically to allow economical mass production and brochures for commercial offset printing using and runs.

Giclee means to spray or squirt is a French word. Giclee print of an original work of art paper, canvas or any other media to digital images from an inkjet printer is a popular form of printing is playing. Giclees offset reproduction than the more expensive one or a variety of substrates, but a cost-effective way to provide the advantage of a few of the prints produced.

As mentioned, the basic principles of the art buying their favorite on the initial purchase. Collecting art for investment projects is speculative. Whether or not a piece of space that you support the learning curve is steep, they find that it is worth the peace of mind that you treasure!