Art artifact is released

Fan art, ready for attack. Buffalo's Albright-Knox Art Gallery announced several works of public art. Sold many people has exceeded the total from 18 million to save the art from the hands of the public, despite the dalreoeul.

Only one of the ornaments of the Shang dynasty treasure relics alone was sold for $ 8,000,000. Chimera limestone has purchased approximately $ 5.4 million. Other sales Aboriginal, African, and Roman art is museum collection, go see sad, but these valuables, while concentrating on the cost and can not be maintained.

Said Director of Fund money to buy a new work in progress. Many members of the museum's plans for anger felt. Court to stop the sale information of all members agree with this decision and ¼ museum. However, the right to be able to resume the museum and sell side of the court OK'd.

Collected from around the world are often some of them were very rare and valuable, many artifacts for millions of dollars. If you can not afford such a day, then lucky enough to work, went to the hands of the individuals most likely to many people at all, if the museum can not see.

Museum of modern as you wish to upgrade their style of work, more people can look forward to for the best in new art as something to make up for the loss plan. Kimchi - where artifacts to $ 8,000,000 cookie jar, the size of the buyer to be placed now?