Paintings of trees and shrubs and Technology

Trees and bushes in oil painting landscapes is the most popular subjects. They focus on details can be painted on or not, and a set of appearance. For those children, is the best thing. Their shape is almost a free hand style. You remember the only thing you can do maple trees and shrubs, along with at least two or three colors to use. The first color background color, or a tree or shrub of the rear. The second color can be one of the highlights of the user or the secondary color. Third color, highlight color. Now how to apply the color varies between artists. I have to investigate wet (wet primer before painting added to the survey.) Paint does not smooth like most. The reason is made to be faithful to the first time I better my second color by thinning the mix. Now that the basic colors can look.

It is important to remember that this would create a base color or the background color of the trees and shrubs of trees back. Must be a pretty dark color than highlights. Here some of my favorites. Spring background color in the Russian blue, and I mix green thalo. It's a little green, but must rely on the need to ensure a nice dark color due to the Prussian blue. Crimson little black, brown, dark mix it or if you want to add one of the alizorin.

If autumn colors are a little different. Realistic brown background color I use, but I saw the invisible Are a few ideas. Raw Siena Siena dark or can be added to create a black and gray and yellow trees in white. Started to a small amount of cadmium yellow medium can be added. Gray mix with orange trees start and tan. Using a small amount of bright red crimson red wood alizorine. Shade of green in the fall. White, Siena Saint, and phtalo blue.

If the second color will be a little easier. A bit cold to me the case of the spring green I used a mix of white, phtalo blue, like the color green line yellow cadmium. Summer of my green, sap green and cadmium yellow. Color more yellow than green, but the color should not extreamly light.

Fall colors can be created easily. Bright red on yellow red wood trees, dressed in white suits, and warm using a small amount of cadmium orange cadmium yellow and white. Cadmium orange and white orange trees can create.

Now, this color can be used as a highlight color or a secondary color. Light wood or press seems to remember you is to apply the color. The other thing to keep in mind that these colors can not be applied to random Using color to shape, which will provide more attention to the picture.

This is the last set of colors for bright highlights. Slightly yellowish green trees and shrubs used in the white-yellow trees more additional can. Orange trees on slightly used or used sparingly (yellow), orange highlight color, add a little more white. Used sparingly (or add) a red-orange colors of a few trees on red mix white. Where these features to remember the attack on the tree and the sun to be warm colors.

In later articles, I explain the fact that different types of wood, how to paint.