Twentieth Century Dog Art of David Hockney, William Wegman, & George Rodrigue

Contemporary art is the left side of the pop art of the past, but the latter is the most influential artists of the 20th century, including works to the central theme of the artistic efforts take bold action. David Hockney, William Wegman, George Rodrique, all live today, you can enjoy the attention of the art world, man's best friend offers a new look at center stage, but not work juxtaposed songgotnieul have any friends have put their hair - can.

David Hockney was born in Bradford, UK (1937), spent a half of his life in Los Angeles, kaelriponiaheul. These we have two sons together, each big splash (1967), shoulder (1961) and his work affected thousands of worldwide artists to work, one of the forerunners of Pop Art in the 1960s believed.

At the age of eleven, Hockney knew he wanted to become an artist that Inspiration to animals, including dogs, in none of his works, especially if unsure, but the Royal College of Art in London in 1959, he arrived also known to want on a regular basis without experimental art parameters called. Hockney as "adventurous, lively students, bright people," Looks that dousing yourself "hardboard from abstract expressionist painting." (1)

Clearly engraved in the heart of Hockney was open, especially art, and other things that can be said. String of painting and drawing in the works, since we Hockney's two Dachshunds, Stanley and Boodgie see. 1998 about his new book, David Hockney, Richard Natale and "one of my friends," he said in an interview. "It's probably my love, soft desired target was." Hockney goes rebuttal stating one can not allow the art in the art world, the "I do not apologize for the obvious theme. These two beloved little creatures are my friends. Intelligent they are, love, comic books, and often bored are I work, they see I own grief and joy together they found a warm appearance "(2)

Later in his career inventions in the art, dabbling start Hockney, William Wegman art facilities excavated Weimaraners with his portrayal of years faced the parameters of mainstream art. Too 'from', as stated in his unique portrayal of offbeat humor may be wary, Wegman known to be fun.

After earning an MFA from the University of Illinois, Wegman moment, progress was searching for a way to unleash his creativity in the public 'he' to create their art. During the experiment, along with photos and video, Wegman relics of pop art that reflects the level of intentionally had even mocked Americana.

First Weimaraner was named Man Ray, Wegman's work has been used in both video and photos. Man ray Village Voice 1982 "Person of the Year" his name was so famous. (3) the use of large-scale Polaroid camera, Wegman poses with an array of various guises in the various pictures of their Weimaraner. Capileira page later the name of Wegman's second Weimaraner Old McFay appeared on Sesame Street With Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and Night Live (Saturday Night Live) in the Wegman himself has appeared in broadcast

Use the art to best his feelings about David Hockney and William Wegman with both human Similarly, George Rodrigue's true comrades. One transformed into the famous Blue - Wegman in his work, using his Weimaraners, so Rodrique Tiffany named the companion of his childhood muse did.

After her death in 1980, was born and raised in Louisiana, George Rodrigue Blue Dog paintings, acclaimed for his black-and-white terrier began. As it happened, Blue Dog has gotten, represents Lou Garou, or Rodrigue portrayal of many of the Cajun werewolf. (4) Blue soon, especially prior to the 1990s, an inveterate legend, but gained recognition around the world.

Working as a graphic artist, Rodrigue image is crisp and clean and crisp display blue silk screen can be used to explore. Rodrigue of well-known public figures and private art collectors have purchased works. Absolut Vodka and Xerox artist was commissioned an advertising campaign that can be Pop-up icon in the book entitled Blue Dog (Penguin 1994 / Viking) Rodrigue entertain changes to the city as Tiffany.

David Hockney, William Wegman, and George Rodrigue capture, as well as the art world art shows a powerful medium of expression focus, as well as the general art enthusiasts to use one. Pop movement of the 1960s and the contemporary art circles around the world, following the singer has used talk about the sincerity of critics and captured the most stringent import more curious as pets.

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