Win the battle, or to sell the one in Figure Lose

I am one of the most frequently asked questions received from students is "Is there a way for you on how to sell our paintings to try and sell my picture flea is much better than going to the market."
When I question them, I think a few really Fills my mind. In fact, King Kong's more damage.
First of all, what about the people who attend flea markets, yard sales, and block products are you looking for? Low, dirt cheap prices. Work unless the quality of the flea market, art flea market does not take into account that you recommended.

You need to go to a place to build artists.
First, Sitting very tough, soul search to yourself ask questions. Why you want to sell your art?
Because most people do not know is the reason I question. Because obviously want to make money by selling art that is the first reason. Any other reason the car. If you do not ..... Must not you have any questions about this picture how to sell more.

're Going to want to make money, if asked the next logical question ... Who 'Therefore, in the arts, will give the money? To establish "in this niche market. Means just a group of people who are interested in buying your art have in common.
Figure on the sale market you select all the battles are won and lost on the first day. Any losses or in accordance with the 'who use any style, "market" you figure what does not so much about the picture of you in the successful marketing of selection. "Who" or "how to" on the market or sell it to you for moving "for Anyone in the market you need to choose one.
You "Who" That's right, If you receive more than any other place in the fall will be.
If you do not, you will help the world in the biggest marketing
About how to identify the "who" when you go to the selected memory, some market some of the difficult market is easy. Simply than others, some people than others can easily access easily.
I prefer easy. Given the choice between easy and hard, is somehow easier to choose.

Now 'easy' on the market just what does it mean? How easily easily be able to identify the market? That's a good question. Easy market generally have three characteristics, the following three characteristics, lifestyle marketing, and pictures easily be sold to find a market.

1 It is easy to reach the market.

2 Market, the "need" for seven types of art burning.

3 Through his ability to paint the house and spend the money on the kind of work that has demonstrated a commitment to the past behavior of the market.

Oil painting of this flea market is an ideal example of wrong reasons 'who'.

1 The power to throw out all the participants, how many really buy oil painting. Therefore, is not an easy job to buy oil paintings in every flea market between participants 'who' can find. Miss popular and best

2 A flea market, "low-cost" impulse buying, and so on "low prices" and are synonymous. 'Burning desire in your market area, particularly people of more objective numbers,

3 Flea markets often do not sell the $ 100 figure has proved generally.

4 So, the three-point test at the flea market does not go through at all.
Is a mistake to approach the process to make sure that the picture made it one to sell most of the people of the world will love. Internet to make money or simply heard is a great place. So shed a ton of money advertising on eBay, or are they graphic inspired award-winning Web site, you can develop. Until you know these things "Who." Does not generate sales

Ken McCarthy, reminds me of my books, the representation of the existing system of secret author of a close friend this way .... "Put the cart before the horse says in his book, '.' Cart - the best products, best on Earth capable web marketing campaign can pull in a good market 'silence will not get you anywhere.

By contrast, the right words and you do not need to worry so much about the shopping cart. Nature will be dealt with, "he said.

Richard Sears, founder of Sears catalogs "crayons from old paper on the back of an envelope and write to the appropriate people at the appropriate time in the appropriate benefits, and is scheduled to be sold," he said.
The most important thing you can do to select the right market. Not figure rather than the Web site. But who would buy a picture of you.

The best way is 'who' work in one or a few markets to create a focused, selected in the first place.

"A few paintings on the market to a specific topic.

"To draw a picture of each specific reason you go to a depth of about writing articles.

"Share the story behind each of the picture you can

Through posting articles online articles directory.

"Put on your website, as well as traditional media, online media, please feel free to send a press release.

"People put next to each picture you're selling, you can hear a voice recording.

"You talk to people in the market. Would like to learn more about how people, pulls the heartstrings in the following figure.

For example, I want to make money selling his paintings artist was a student. We figure he made in his hobbies and interests, talk about When I asked what the message is asking if you want to learn how to beat him, he's talking about his favorite golf holes in the figure.

Clear 'who' had a clue.
Asked more probing, if I want to figure other golfers favorite golf holes. Really excited thinking about the 'who' would want to have their favorite golf holes on the canvas, knowing that he has encountered. After all, he went to the golf club, I talked to her for a lot of members would like to identify the members of this exciting holes.

Sale and after picture of each configuration. Conquered by the hole of the golf ... He wrote an article, story heard around watering holes or defeat golfers sharing.
Than the figure he began. Cheering well-known seulpeogwa 'Golf' range of emotions, his paintings cover. He has a picture of yourself more money than I know some students.

From you on the first day of the battle, win or lose.
My advice for you is to go to the basic market WHO is trying to figure out.
To solve a specific market to put more than half of the time and energy to study more than once, 'Who is your market' than solve anything, what about all other questions to answer really easy.

Easy-to-find market .... Burning 'need' or a piece of art, people and their willingness to buy a picture that you can already prove the ability to have the 'desire' to a group of people that you can easily reach.
Presents a picture of 'who' to be sold.
Up on the golf course, you buy a line and a picture of the seed, the first thing anyone thought ....... People can share their successes and failures.
Or how you let me know.